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Squire Jonas


Ability Rating Specialities & Qualities
Animal Handling 5Charm 1B
Train 1B
Ride 1B
Will 5Dedication 2B
Awareness 3Empathy 1B
Agility 3
Fighting 4Spear 1B
Marksmanship 3
Athletics 3
Endurance 3
Status 3
Stealth 3
Healing 3First Aid 1B
Thievery 1character creation


Intrigue Combat Composure Health Armor Armor Rating Armor Penalty Armor Bulk


Attack Test Dice Weapon Damage
Shortsword 4(+1E)3 damage, fast
Shield 4(+1E)1 damage (+2 combat defense if not attacking)
War Lance 4 + 5B (+1E)9 damage, powerful, vicious, impaling
Equipment Price
Squire Clothes
Soft Leather300 ss
Shield, castle-forged 30 ss
Courser600 ss
Shortsword, castle-forged 300ss
War Lance, castle-forged 60ss

Coins: 0gd 70ss


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Charakter Ziele




Falcons are the animals, with which both noblewomen and men hunt smaller prey like birds and rabbits. They are more a symbol of status and hunting with than is a pleasure than a necessity. Houses which could spend enough money have often a separate master of birds, who train the falcons. Beside falcons, sparrows and other smaller birds of prey are also used for hunting. Some lords are very strict in regulating the use of birds of prey by lower people, but near towns, the rich citizens may also buy falcons and other hunting birds. In the wild, falcons are birds which do not harm men, if their eggs are not in danger – but they could be difficult enemies if someone tries to climb the wrong tree… It is said, that some people in times of war use falcons to hunt ravens and to disrupt the lines of communication, although such tactics are condemned. Falcons are often a symbol of pride, honor and freedom, and you could find them in many colors. A normal falcon or other bird of prey is between 10 and 15 SS for a young and untrained bird, between 40 and 60 SS for a trained adult. Rare birds like such from beyond the sea or from the other end of Westeros (a falcon from Dorne in the North or vice versa) may cost much more.

Agility 4
Athletic 1
Awareness 5 Notice 2B
Cunning 1
Endurance 1
Fighting 2 Claws 1B
Survival 3 Hunt 2B

Combat Defense 10
Armor Rating 0
Armor Penalty 0
Health 3
Movement 1Yard/10 Yards (fly)
Beak 2D 1 Damage
Claws 2D+1B 1 Damage

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