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This OSR House Rule wiki arose out of the blog post The future of OSR blogging... where the The Jovial Priest laments the lack of memory in the blogosphere. Jeff Rients then suggested a wiki and something to “send to wiki”. Alex Schroeder then offered to host the wiki on his Campaign Wiki site.

What do you think of an OSR House Rule wiki/blog aggregation site? In this follow up blog post The Jovial Priest suggested organizing the proposed wiki around the Moldvay table of contents in order to collect and organize the cool links of the old school D&D blogs. Proposed title: OSR Links to Wisdom.

Alex Schroeder set things up and finally the OSR House Rule Aggregation Site - LIVES!

The vision:

  1. A repository of links to blog posts or forum posts that clarify a rule or propose a House Rule
  2. All organised around the B/X Moldvay/Cook contents page template
  3. A wiki where anyone can add a link to a post


You can contact Alex Schroeder if you have questions regarding the site itself and the software used.