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Same issue here as on the monsters page: all Zak’s items are in one link (therefore misc. - although some entries would be anyway). Do we want it like this (one link, not a page bloated with many links) or individually linked?

Richardguy 2011-03-29 07:30 UTC

Well noted Richard. I plan on adding some further advice to the wiki soon. I think if a link is to part of a series of posts then ideally it has one link: one that will allow the reader to easily navigate within the linked blog to the other posts. This might be to the last post in a series because it links to the previous posts, or to a tag or to a search term. We don’t want to overwhelm the wiki with links to for imaginary example: Trolls 1, Trolls 2 and Trolls 3 when one link to Troll 3 is enough for the reader to work out when the link opens they first need to read Trolls 1 and Trolls 2.

Your question is slightly different being a bestiary plus the option to link to individual monsters. I think this is up to the individual who placed the link in the wiki. How cool is the individual monster. We don’t want to drown but nor do we wish to stifle. Thanks for your enthusiasm for the wiki, your links are excellent.

Jovial Priest 2011-03-29 16:45 UTC

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