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Link Posting API

If you want to write a tool that posts links, that should be easy. A single HTTP request is enough. You just need to answer all the questions using CGI parameters. You can do this using any method you want (GET, POST, …).

Parameter Use
url The URL you want to submit.
confirm You need to provide a 1.
username The optional username you want to provide for RecentChanges.
summary The optional description of what the rule is about. One sentence should be enough.
stars The optional number of stars (1–5).
toc The table of contents item you want to add your entry to.

You cannot add new items to the table of contents using this API. You need to edit the wiki pages in order to do that.

Here is an example of how to add a link using curl:

curl ";username=Paolo;confirm=1;summary=This+is+a+test.;stars=1;toc=Utilities,+Tools,+Spreadsheets,+Code,+Web+Applications"

Here is an example of how to add a link using jQuery:

$.get("", {url: "", confirm: 1, username: "Logan", summary: "This is a test.", stars: 1, toc: "Utilities, Tools, Spreadsheets, Code, Web Applications"});

If you want to offer some sort of user interface, you can ask for a flat list of the table of contents in JSON format.

Example output:

["Introduction","The Basics of Role-Playing Games", ...]

Alternatively, you can ask for a list of elements in JSON format containing the table of contents item and their indentation level.

Example output:

[["Introduction",0],["The Basics of Role-Playing Games",1], ...]

Page Editing API

Here are some links to the Oddmuse documentation. Oddmuse is the wiki software used to run the site.