How to Edit this Site

Adding a new link to an existing section is easy:

If you need to add a new section, rate a link, remove a link, fix a typo or add some explanation, you’ll need to edit the wiki pages.

To edit a page, follow the Edit this page link at the bottom and follow the examples set by other contributors. That’s the easiest way to learn it. :)

If you want to learn more about the formatting, check out the Info page. There’s a link to it at the bottom of every edit page where it says “See Info for markup rules”.

Short summary:

two backslashes force a linebreak\\
empty lines separate paragraphs

[b]this[/b] is bold          *this* is also bold
[i]this[/i] is italic        /this/ is also italic
[u]this[/u] is underlined    _this_ is also underlined

* this is a list item
** this is an indented list item

[[How to Edit this Site]] is an internal page link
[ example] is an external link
[url=]example[/url] is also an external link

If you provide a username when editing, then RecentChanges will link to it and people will know who changed what – and you’ll be able to leave some contact info on the name page, eg. Alex.

If you provide a summary when editing, then people that have added the Links To Wisdom to their blog roll will usually see that summary for the latest edit.

If you decide to rate a link, either write a sentence explaining why the link is cool, or use stars by writing :star: – this gets turned into a little star icon. Use the following table as a rough guide:

score because…
:star:I’ve read it and liked it. I might consider using it in my next campaign.
:star::star:I’ve used this in a game and it worked as intended.
:star::star::star:I use it in a game and it was great.

If you want to improve the quality of the links, check out Wiki Maintenance.

If you want to publish something regarding this wiki, check out the Site License.

Advice for keeping the wiki ordered and logical

  1. Keep to Moldvay/Cook headings as much as you can
  2. Sub headings, lots of subheadings
  3. If you can group 2 or more separate links together—subhead
  4. If a link sits in two logical places, delete one link or at least state in black text that this link is also in…
  5. If your links are to a series of posts by the same blogger then ask, can I link to just one of these posts? Link to the last post in a series because it has links to the previous posts, for example, or link to a tag or search term.
  6. Note that on the submission page, all the bullet lists are combined

Quality and Organisation

There is no quality police.

Individuals (you) are welcome to maintain headings and structure.

People who help improve the site are called Wiki Wardens. :)


The logo is a contest winner by Anthony Hunter of Battleaxes and Beasties.