New Ameran

New Ameran 2024 C565356-7 PG Ga Lo [VeIm]

New Ameran System Info

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TAG: Gold Rush

Gold, silver, and other conventional precious minerals are common and cheap now that asteroid mining is practical for most worlds. But some minerals and compounds remain precious and rare, and this world has recently been discovered to have a supply of them. People from across the sector have come to strike it rich.

E Paranoid prospector, Aspiring mining tycoon, Rapacious merchant

F Claim-jumped miner, Native alien, Curious tourist

C The strike is a hoax, The strike is of a dangerous toxic substance, Export of the mineral is prohibited by the planetary government, The native aliens live around the strike’s location

T Cases of the refined element, Pretech mining equipment, A dead prospector’s claim deed

P Secret mine, Native alien village, Processing plant, Boom town