Ares is an arid planet of endless dust, sand, and dunes. However, there are a series of thriving canals that crisscross the surface of the planet, and a hidden ecosystem just underground where life flourishes. Aresians come in two major types: Red and Green. The White Aresians are very rare, but are available as PCs well.

The most common Aresians are the red types- so called because of their bright red skin tones which range between the brightest ruby red to a dull orange. They have vast kingdoms and picturesque towers that speak to a bygone age of decadence and wealth.. now mostly in decay. Aresian society is highly structured with privileged Aristocrats at the top, and citizens near the bottom, but at the very bottom- slaves- usually taken as prisoners of war. War between the myriad independent kingdoms of Ares is nearly constant. A cruel feature of Aresian society is the arena battles which are highly popular, and a source of great celebrity. (Statues to great Arena combatants are erected in nearly every great city).

Aresian nation states all have aristocrats, and mercenaries are fairly common. Standard Aresian transport is by airship so pilots are common as well.

Alien Brutes of Ares The Green Aresians are considered more primitive than their decadent red counterparts, but are highly capable. They are taller and more powerful and have 4 arms. They tend to occupy the more barren areas, and are reknowned as excellent hunters, scouts, and survivalists. Favored weapons include spears, rifles, and axes.

Alien Mystics of Ares A mysterious subrace of white Aresians occupy well-protected and mysterious habitats deep underground on Ares. They occasionally join the society of red Aresians or find themselves exploring the deepest reaches of space as either Deep Space Explorers, aristocrats or alien mystics.