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Sirine is an idyllic planet of vast oceans and scattered islands. The largest continent is where most of the planets people and technology can be found. They have built up great cities of marble and white stone, and their graceful white ships that streak across the sky. Sirines are the most humanlike of most of the races in the sector. They wear modern clothing that is reminiscent of roman garb and their society values scholarship, philosophy, and knowledge. The Psions Academy is also located on Sirine, and it attempt sto teach the psionic arts to those who are rich enough to afford sending their children froma very young age. Aristocrats, and Mystics are common.

Alien Brutes: One of the moons of Sirine is known as Gorgo, and a powerful species of repitiloid humanoids have been genetically encouraged to develop there known as Gorgons. Gorgons are a young race, about 1-2 feet taller than the average Sirine, equipped with a tail and powerful claws. Gorgons are quick learners, however, and the Sirines have been attempting to integrate them into their society.