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A planet of high mountains and lush valleys, home of the Valkans. Valkans are humanlike (so eligible for all of the regular classes of White Star) but have feather-like hair. The traditional Valkan garb includes a feathered cloak, a hawk-beaked helmet, and distinctive “claw gauntlets” that can do 1d6 damage. Other Valkans wear swords, or carry lasers. Regular Valkans favor the pilot and bounty hunter class. Each Valkan clan has a ‘royal’ family of aristocrats as well.

Valkan Claw Gauntlets:
wt: 1
Cost:15 credits
Special: Allows the wielder to also grip another weapon or gun. Although they can’t be used at the same time, a Valkan with his gloves is never disarmed.

Alien Brutes of Valka:
Modern valkans are humanoid and don’t qualify for the alien vrute class, but a savage group of shaggy humanoids that live around the poles of Valka combine some of the characteristics of owls and bears. They are intelligent, and have, on occasion, joined up with other groups of Valkans and adventurers as “muscle”.

(A standard alien brute of Valka is like an owlbear)

Alien Mystics of Valka:
a certain class of normal Valkans lives in a cluster of monasteries overlooking the vast oceans and practice a form of psionic meditation. These could qualify as Alien Mystics.