Black Bay Fort

On the western shore, where the black river meats the sea is a large rocky bluff, on which stands the last remaining trace of some ancient attempt to conquore Balamoor, the Tunganee long ago drove it’s creatores into the sea, and put the place to the tourch. Over the years many have tried to rebuild it or use it as a base for further exploration. Such attempts seem to go poorly, many say the place is haunted by the ghosts of the invaders who the Tunganee so mercilessly slaughtered.

At it’s feet a small trading village with a deep port and large timber wearhouses has sprung up, it’s run by an entaprising company of mercinaries, [[The_Risen_Spear?]], who have retired from the battlefeild and hope to set up a trade town and strike some bargen with the Tunganee to allow them to exploit the natural resources of Balamoor.

Founded 4 years ago

Governance Relaxed martial law, The Risen Spear is attempting to set up an actual court system.

Trade Timber, ore, meat, hide, stone, and other natural resources.

Inspiration Raven Rock && Fort Frostmoth

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