Borsipa, the city of a thousand spires, is the capitol of the Kadashah Sultanate and the epicenter of the Kashebi world.

Founding: Legend has it that after the first Kadashah Sultan, Hazulka the Wise, defeated the allied armies of Nisunu and Sumai in a massive battle along the banks of the Kadash river, a spirit came to him in a dream and told him that if we would rule all the Kashebi peoples, he must do it from this very battle field where blood of all the Kashebi cities had flown together. Hazulka gathered the greatest architects, mathematicians, and planners from across his lands, and before he allowed a stone to be laid, they spent an entire year planning his new city.

Layout: Borsipa is nestled among a series of hills along the Kadash river. Each neighborhood is laid out in a series of geometric patterns arraigned around one of the hills, atop each of which stands an estate, guildhall, temple, or similar pillar of Kashebi society. Many of these compounds are palaces unto themselves, and the rich and powerful of Borsipa all aim to build the tallest and grandest edifices atop their hill, and a jumble of spires and towers juts from all the central hills. This gives Borsipa the effect of being a sea of small cities clustered together along the river. In the valleys between the hills, wide boulevards, spacious parks, and crowded bazaars make up the rest of the city.

The Domed Palace lies on the first hill on the western bank of river, and the hills near the west bank make up Borsipa’s choicest neighborhoods. The remaining residential neighborhoods radiate out from the palace into the surrounding hills. Only a quarter or so of the city lies on the east bank, and all the commercial docks are located here. The east side of the city is host to those industries the well-to-do would rather keep some distance from. Warehousing, workshops and factories abound on the eastern shore.

Notable Landmarks

The Domed Palace - The palace of the Kadashah Sultan. The main body of the palace consists of a giant central dome, the largest ever constructed by some margin. Radiating out from that central dome is a successive series of smaller, lower domes that make up the palace’s myriad wings. Balconies abound throughout the structure, offering spectacular views of the Sultan’s domain.

Tahmine University - The epicenter of Kashebi learning and scholarship. The university sits in an old palace, Tahime University is a sprawling complex that sits atop one of Borsipa’s largest hills. The university places great emphasis on expanding the realm of scholarship beyond just the traditional pursuits of history, philosophy, and rhetoric. The university’s chancellors actively recruit experts from around the world in a vast number of disciplines to come lecture and teach at the university. Tahmine is organized into three schools: the school of the written arts, the school of natural studies, and the school of magical theory.

The Central Train Depot - Quasemi I quickly realized the potential value steam trains could bring and invested heavily in their refinement and improvement. They were to play a central role in his vision to make Borsipa the city of the future. When steam trains were little more than a novelty, Quasemi ordered his architects to begin finding and clearing land for a system of railways to connect the districts of his capitol and to begin planning a grand central junction at the center. Today Borsipa’s central depot is an elegant three story marvel, boasting and extravagant 12 rail platforms on its ground level, and a series of luxurious restaurants, lounges, and shops on the upper levels.