Centerport is the port that lies at the center of most of the world’s major trade routes, hence the name. Founded 102 years ago, shortly after the discovery of the center isles, to serve as a half-way port between the continents of Vrasia, The Reef-Wind Islands, and Balamoor. Centerport was founded together with The League of Merchants, which administers the city to organize and facilitate global trade and keep the valuable port open for all to use, heading off a potential conflict for control of the invaluable piece of real estate.

Centerport is one of the youngest cities in the world, but also by far the fastest growing, having grown to over 150,000 souls in its short century if existence. Centerport lies along a wide bay on the north side of the island which shares the cities name. The bay lies behind a barrier island, sheltering it from the open sea and forming a perfect natural harbor in the islands otherwise littered with steep and rocky shores.

Construction and Style: Centerport is in every way a city of all the people of the world, and its architecture and appearance very much reflects that, which buildings and sectors mimicking the styles of their constructors with no regards of the cultural bent of their neighbors. When Centerport was chartered, all the land around the bay was divided into parcels and auctioned off to member trade houses, with a number of choice parcels set aside of the offices and infrastructure of the league. Many of these parcels are still being held as speculative assets by various banks and merchants, and empty lots are a common site spread throughout the city, as are new edifices under construction. Of the banks, companies, and trade houses that have constructed offices in the city, some have opted for opulence and show, and others for simple functionality. For this reason in downtown Centerport, palatial offices, empty lots, functional block houses of stone, buildings in the architectural style of Kalawa, Eramii, Kashebi, Safiyah, and myriad other peoples all sit one next to the other, with little rhyme or reason. This gives Centerport a uniquely eclectic and chaotic appearance.

Harbor: The harbor is the lifeblood and raison d’etre of Centerport, a massive expanse of piers and docks spreading across the bay, with more constantly under construction. Multi-story warehouses line the waterfront, and several canals coming off the harbor, with large cranes and pulleys mounted on their upper stories. Centerport has grown to become the busiest port in the world, but the vast majority of trade between the continents of Vrasia, Kalawa, Balamoor, and beyond coming through this one focal point. On the outskirts of the city, large, blocky apartment complexes have rapidly been constructed for the thousands of workers needed to man such a massive port, and new once are constantly under construction.

Supply: Centerport is a purely artificial city, planned, built, and peopled by executive fiat. As such, there is little to no economy on the center islands outside the city, certainly nowhere near enough to support a city of this size. As such, Centerport is dependent on the trade coming through its harbor not just for its lifeblood, but for its sustenance and every material comfort. Recent initiatives from the Viceroy have focused on developing some food cultivation on the islands, however this will likely only ever be a supporting measure, to help support the city during a long season of storms or other shipping disruptions. Ultimately, the islands will likely never be able to support a city the size of Centerport, and the city continues to grow at a breakneck pace.

Notable Landmarks: