Historical Timeline

35 Years Ago: The first Erimii succession war ends in a stalemate. All potential heirs have been killed in battle or by assassination. The region Prefects assert their autonomy and become de-facto petty kings in their respective Praefectures.

38 Years Ago: The last Erimii Emperor dies without an heir. The succession wars begin. The Kashebi, Safiyah, Diipaa, Ymma, and (insert missing) territories effectively secede from the empire.

102 Years Ago: A collection of major merchant companies from across the world formally charter the Merchants League to protect and manage intercontinental trade. The city of Centerport on the Central Isles is chartered as an autonomous city to be administered by the Merchants League. The first Viceroy of the league is elected.

115-100 Years Ago: Advancements in ship-building establish intercontinental trade as a mainstay of most major economies.

203 Years Ago: Explorer’s first cross the (Need a name?) Ocean. Contact between the major powers on either side of the world is made.

843-865 Ago: The second great wave of Eramii conquest sees the Diipaa islands annexed into the empire, the Kadashah Sultanate conquered, and finally the Safiyah river kingdoms conquered, bringing the Eramii empire to its full extent.

1021 Years Ago: Emexios the Conquers completes his conquest of the Riverlands of northern Vrasia and declares himself the first Erimii Emporer.