The Big Idea

Thick lush jungle dotted with stone temples and crumbling cities of a lost civilization. Tribes have coalesce around the temples, building settlements around them and adopting them into their belief system, co opting the iconography found within the temples.

The Tone

Indiana Jones, pulp adventure through a untamed jungle who's native people are equally likely to welcome you to a feast as they are to attempt to take your head to the temple of their bat goddess. A strong mesoamerican feel, the lost civilization disappeared for unknown and perhaps unknowable reasons, the tribes who currently live there are akin to the aztecs.

Common Inhabitants

The various Jungle tribes, Large Jaguars, Komodo dragon, and anacondas.

Some Characters

Some Rumors

The Underworld of Ixxiax

Idea Fuel http://dndspeak.com/2017/12/100-jungle-encounters/