Kalawan Royal Court

The Royal Court of Kalawa is centered around the main island of Zamiatin and the royal palaces there. There are members of the royal family who have homes and estates on other islands in the area, however, the court is held on Zamiatin.

The court is usually comprised of: The current ruler, the royal family, officially recognized ambassadors, members of royal client families, the heads of noble families, the grand inventor, the head of the royal conservatory, the administrator of steel, various courtiers, members of the Grand Protectorate, the Curator of Trade, and various artists.

The Current Ruler: the current ruler is Queen Vailea Fa’Atalia. Elected at the age of 19 Queen Vailea has ruled through the greatest technological and cultural expansion during the Kalawan Golden Age. At the age of 67, she still retains the natural beauty of her youth while possessing an air of dignity and authority well deserved after 48 years of economic growth and peace. She can trace her lineage directly to the first king of Kalawa, King Asoese, seven generations ago. Queen Vailea is widely known as a beacon of justice and service to her people. In keeping with tradition, her hair has never been cut. Anyone who has visited the court can attest to its impressive length, however only the Royal Physician can tell you that from head to tip her luxurious ebony hair measures 12ft 8in. She wears the traditional royal crown first worn by King Asoese, an incomplete ring of black steel adorned with carefully shaped obsidian flames and set with topaz waves.

Royal Family: The Royal Family consists of the Queens three brothers and one sister. Twelve grandchildren and the queen’s grandfather. The queen has three children a son and two daughters all currently unmarried and aged between 17-23. The royal family is far more extensive than this small group however they make up the imidate family of the current queen. The whole of the royal family consists of dozens of individuals and about ten distinctive family groups.

Official Ambassadors: There are several officially recognized ambassadors in the royal court. The ambassadors are accompanied by household staff and retainers. The permanent ambassadors are as follows:

Eramii Ambassador: The current Eramii ambassador is a man without a home, with the fall of the ancient Eramii Empire he now serves only as a permanent fixture in the royal court. Along with his staff and household of some twenty members, the ambassador is accompanied by what might be the last of the Eramii legionaries.

Kashebi Ambassador: Due to the close trading partnership between Kalawa and Kashebi this ambassador is often given pride of place and has a significant amount of influence at court. The ambassador along with his staff, household, and personal guards are given lavish apartments and are often honored guests at many public functions.

Royal Clients: The Queen is the royal patron of several noble houses, these houses have benefited greatly from her long and prosperous rule. Because of this, they are both staunch allies and loyal clients of the Queen. The representatives of these client houses are often the young sons and daughters sent to court for education in both royal and court customs as well as early political education. These children are often among the Queens favorited and frequently seen at court.

Heads of Nobility: The Heads of each noble family is expected to attend the royal court, they are often found as councilors and courtiers, frequently holding offices within the royal household. The Nobility is also expected to offer homage to the Monarch twice a year, this often takes the form of pledges of service rather than goods or money.

Grand Inventor: The Grand Inventor is a title held by the most accomplished architect, engineer, shipwright or inventor in the kingdom. Often a member of the Royal Conservatory the grand inventor is expected to work tirelessly towards the advancement of Kalawan technologies. The current Grand Inventor is a woman named Sasha La’Tao.

Head of the Royal Conservatory: The Royal Conservatory is a group of six Universities and colleges. The Head of the Royal Conservatory is Tanar Shi. Tanar has overseen several developments of Kalawan technologies and is largely responsible for the development of the Green Fever Agglutigeon. As well as several other important medical advances which have helped keep the people of Kalawa healthier. Tanar is also one of the leading minds behind the system of signal towers that guide ships into port as well as dot the coastline of the islands.

Administrator of Steel: Braka, is one of the largest Tagatans both in and outside of the royal court. His role as Administrator of Steel makes him the second in command of the military of Kalawa. He splits his time between the royal palace, the Basalt Bastion, The Dawn Beacon, and the Zamiatin Drydocks. He primarily serves to administer the Royal Navy as well as the Merchant Gaurd, this includes oversang the safety of all ports and harbors as well as the trade enclaves overseas. Braka also serves as a royal advisor to the queen, and while newcomers often mistake him for one of the queen’s protectors he serves no such role.

Courtiers: While the court is mainly an administrative body due to the monarchs governing capacity there are a large number of lesser nobles, merchant captains, foreign dignitaries, community leaders, and others who fill the court on day to day business. The Queen sees many petitioners and through here even the lowest of Tagatan’s can see some direct political influence.

The Grand Protectorate: While not a single person The Grand Protectorate serves as the monarchs personal guard, though this is a bit of a misnomer; The Grand Protectorate, thanks primarily to their sheer numbers serves more as a personal army than a bodyguard. A holdover from the days of unification when the rulers of each island were expected to personally support their warriors, The Grand Protectorate now sees mostly small scale skirmishes and the occasional tournament. The wing of the palace which they reside in resembles a lavash armed camp. This information leads many to think they would be little more than a parade force, their arms and armor say otherwise.

Curator of Trade: Solomon Bleak, while not a native Tagatan, now serves as the Guild representative to the Senate. Originally a foreigner, he settled in Kalawa and was elected the trade representative unanimously by all the guild heads only twenty years after moving to the islands.

Royal Physician: Shanal Tae has served as Royal Physician since the Queen’s birth and has proved a steadfast companion, brilliant physician and trusted confidant. A second cousin to the Queen herself, Shanal is a member of a lesser noble house through some convoluted marriage ties.

Royal Barber: The current holder of this position is Anhan Bru, and as this his seventh year of service there are rumors that he is soon to depart the royal court. His primary duties are the maintenance of the queen’s hair over 12 ft of it. This is a laborious process which demands care daily. Anhan is also responsible for the shaving and cutting of the queen’s hair, and its preparation in the event of a war. Unlike some of his predecessors, he has yet to cut the Queen’s hair.

Artists: There are innumerable artists in and around the court, poets, painters, stone and bone carvers, sculptors, singers, writers, dancers, playwrights, and musicians of all flavors flock to the court in search of patronage. The Queen’s current tastes trend towards singers, musicians, dancers, and sculptors. Though no artist suffers from want of work at the court.