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The Heavenly Bodies

Astrology, really influences of your ability to use magic, so when you were born / first heart beat

Sun 1 (Color: #f50000) and Sun 2 (Color: #6c006c) orbit each other in a small binary system

Sun C (Color: #ffa500) orbits the combined system of Sun 1 & 2 as a second binary system

Basic Rules

magic is based around 3 binary axies:

There is magic in the spirit world along with spirits With the right “attributes” you can convince that “untapped” magic to do stuff In it’s untapped state magic is:

IF you want to put more effort into it you can change magic in one of three ways: Channel raw magic through a logical structure to control it better Take it from Harmonious and change it into “dangerous” done via channeling the magic though your own body. Stressful on the user for sure. Can move magic from the spiritual world, piping it through a focus into the physical world.

The physical and spiritual worlds are coexistent Internal stuff for people, emotions, thoughts, dreams is happening in the spiritual world? Or effectable through the spirit world.

If one is using magic only in the spirit world it is easier to use, but limited to effecting the spirit realm: Hierarchy of magic:

People are more attuned with accessing magic via a specific way.

Schools of magic (techniques?)

WHITE MAGIC (Raw, Harmonious, Spiritual) White Magic is the closest a practitioner can get to using magic in its untapped, primal state. White Magic involves simply the flowing and concentrating of natural magical energy. Because it requires no conversion of energy, White Magic need not be channeled through the practitioner. It is the simplest of the eight schools to use and the most difficult to disrupt, relying purely on concentration. Because the energy need not be passed through the practitioner for conversion, it has extra efficiency and range when not affecting one’s self. Not converting the energy also means that the energy can still be drawn upon by other schools. Finally, since White Magic requires no hand motions, runes, wands etc. it can be used without attracting any physical attention (all magic use is obvious to spiritual sight).

White Magic can:

CYAN MAGIC (SPIRIT MAGIC?) (Controlled, Harmonious, Spiritual) Cyan Magic allows the complex control of magical energy still very close to its natural state. It can be thought of as a slower and more complicated version of White Magic, capable of structuring spiritual energy – not merely moving it. Cyan Magic draws the energy through the practitioner, making use of both internal and external control systems (magic alphabets, recitation, symbols, circles) to build the energy into new forms and ‘sentences.’ Cyan Magic does not involve disruptive energy, so like White Magic it cannot directly cause harm. All structured spiritual energy is, in a sense, Cyan Magic, including leylines, human minds and spirits themselves.

Cyan Magic can:

YELLOW MAGIC (CHI?) (Raw, Harmonious, Physical) Yellow Magic brings magical energy into the physical world with no additional manipulation. Magical energy is inherently beneficial, even when made physical, and Yellow Magic makes use of this benefit in its powerful uncontrolled state to greatly increase the integrity and capability of physical objects – frequently the practitioner’s own body. As with all physical magics, Yellow Magic requires both a focus and movements in order to function. Due to the simplicity and harmlessness of the energy involved, however, Yellow Mages often use their own body parts as foci without issue.

Yellow Magic can:

MAGENTA MAGIC (ELDRITCH MAGIC?) (Raw, Disruptive, Spiritual) Magenta Magic draws magical energy through the practitioner, who transforms it into a disruptive force and projects it with no further manipulation. As with White Magic, using Magenta Magic requires no physical action, so it may be hidden from those who do not see the spiritual world. The process of harmful conversion causes mental, emotional and spiritual stress to the practitioner. As the purest expression of disruptive magical energy, Magenta Magic is very dangerous to one’s self and others, though it cannot affect the physical world.

Magenta Magic can:

GREEN MAGIC (Controlled, Harmonious, Physical) Green Magic is a complex and broad school of magic that deals with the fine-grained augmentation or transformation of physical structures. It relies on carefully structuring magical forces while bringing them into the physical world – retaining their magical structure to accomplish complicated actions. As a result, Green Magic is known for its complicated rituals and the amount of material its practitioners need to carry. As it uses only harmonious energies, Green Magic cannot directly destroy or weaken objects or bodies. However, if a person wills to have part of their own body changed in a particular way, Green Magic can act in accordance to this will to cause what might be considered physical harm, such as making a body part more elastic or performing surgery.

Green Magic can:

BLUE MAGIC (Controlled, Disruptive, Spiritual) Blue Magic is both controlled and Disruptive, so it uses a complicated grammatical system to tell the magic what to do, but the energy being channeled is already disruptive by the time it reaches this control system. This gives Blue Magic (like Black Magic) a particular set of dangerous side effects caused by the disruption of the control system by the energy itself. It has the potential for destructive destabilization in addition to the more general dangers of channeling disruptive energy. As Blue Magic operates in the spiritual world, this destructive feedback affects the practitioner’s mind and spirit. Blue Magic uniquely allows for the subtle, precise disruption of spiritual entities.

Blue Magic can:

RED MAGIC (Raw, Disruptive, Physical) Red Magic is the direct expression of disruptive energy into the physical world. It requires special focuses that can handle the channeling of disruptive energy. The practitioner’s body also must handle the energy, which is a nontrivial thing.

Red Magic can:

BLACK MAGIC (Controlled, Disruptive, Physical) Black Magic is the most complicated and dangerous of the magical schools, requiring a control system, verbal and somatic components, foci, and the channeling of disruptive energies. Black Magic practitioners are exposed to the side effects and complications of Blue, Red and Green magic. As the school that changes natural magic the most, Black Magic is considered by various groups to be either the most refined and impressive, or most aberrant and twisted sort of magic. As with Green Magic, the practitioner transfers complex magical forms into the physical world while maintaining their structure, allowing for subtle and precise physical effects.

Black Magic can:

Elemental Energies

Energy types correspond to sun positions. “A” - Raw/Controlled, “B” - Harmonious/Disruptive, “C” - Physical/Spiritual. Waxing sun for first aspect, waning for second aspect. Each person (entity?)