Although Mojia is together with Balamoor is one of the two largest landmasses on earth, relatively little is know of this wild and largely uncharted continent. Although Mojia was discovered by Diipaa explorers almost 400 years ago, relatively little is still known about this continent.

Climate and Ecology: The northern regions are covered in thick, inhospitable jungles crawling with large cats, giant snakes, and all manner of poisonous and venomous flora and fauna. Some explorers occasionally attempt journeys to the continents interior, but the journey is perilous and to date, has shown little reward. To the south of jungles that make up the northern parts of the island, lies a vast and arid desert. Next to nothing is know of the interior of this region. Below the Mojian desert, reports indicate a much more temperate climate of dense and wild forests. One or two groups of settlers has set out for these regions, but nothing has ever been heard from them and it is unknown if they ever even arrived.

Settlements: There are some coves and bays along the large bay on the north shore of the island, where the jungle remains far enough from the coastline that some settler have managed to start small settlements. Primarily, the settlements are founded by small groups of peoples either fleeing persecution or otherwise looking to eek out an existence far from the reaches of civilization. These nourish themselves primarily from the sea and from tropical fruits that can be cultivated at the jungles edge. While there is some trade in the exotic flora and fauna from the jungle, Mojia is by and large too far from the beaten path and too inhospitable to be of any major interest to most peoples. No successful settlement has taken root anywhere but the northern coast of Mojia.