Nations and States


The Tunganee Tribes do not have a fixed nation state structure, for more see The Tunganee People page.


This is an island kingdom dominated by the Tagatan culture in the southwest. The kingdom directly controls the main islands, Zamiatin, and Massina in the region and has control over the rest of the islands directly through patronage or clientage contracts. The Kingdom entered an industrial and cultural golden age a century ago.

Eramii Empire Remnants:

Once the largest and most prosperous state on earth, this once great empire has been shattered into over a dozen pieces.

The Kadashah Sultanate: Powerful Kashebi kindgom to the east of the Middle Sea.

The Aurus Conglomerate

A merchant league affiliated city-state spanning the south-eastern most central island. A city dedicated to experimentation and advancement of technology. A cooperative group of inventors and brilliant minds from all over the world loosely governed by a board of merchants, inventors, and craftsmen. Residents pay a fee housing, workspace, and funding for their projects. In return The Aurus Conglomerate claims partial ownership and exclusive sales rights of all products. Famous for its export of high quality advanced technologies and the elaborate clock tower (world wonder) that dominates the center of the city.