A largely independent country on the outskirts of what used to be the Eramii Empire. Even under the empire Rakudai remained mostly independent due to a strong culture and the distance from the center of Eramii power. Rakudai is strictly ruled by a group of five noble families known as The Faces of Rakudai. The faces are known to be unyielding and just in both government and war.

Castes Rakudai’s people are split into castes with The Faces at the top. The Body of Rakudai are noble-citizens who take positions as diplomats, merchants, Generals, etc. The Hands of Rakudai are the workers. farmers, builders, blacksmiths, etc. The Bones of Rakudai are the warriors. No one is born into this caste they are selected from the other castes. A face is selected only if they are not an immediate heir. Once selected as one of the bones the warriors previous caste is strictly ignored. Castes are designated by prominently displayed tattoos. In the case of bones a brand is burned over the tattoo. Anyone without a tattoo will be treated as “caste-less”. Caste-less are generally treated as strangers with no authority but rarely actively discriminated against. A tattoo marked by anything other than a warrior’s brand is considered an ill omen or a sign of great shame.