Samitian Drydocks

Shortly before unification, the first king of Zamiatin created the Samitian Drydocks. This complex of wharves, dry docks, and shipyards are built in a circle. At the center is an island which houses a large tower which serves now as both a cultural landmark and the home of the Admiralty. It was here that traditional Tagatan shipbuilding and advancements in production were combined. This protected harbor complex is now home to warehouses, workshops, armorers, shipwrights, sailmakers and rope makers. The harbor itself can hold some 200 ships in dry dock. Each slip can store a warship ready to sail. It is said that due to the standardization of parts and design the Samitian Drydocks can build and outfit a warship in a single day. The standardized construction also allows for many ships to be refitted or repaired quickly.