Situated in the eastern great bay Balamoor lies the Shipspear reef, so named for the numerous jutting spikes of coral and stone that from time to time spear a ship.

At the center of the reef is the pirate haven of Shipspear, built around the hulking hull of an ancient galleon caught upon a large coral spear, over countless years other ships have run aground, and slowly a series of floating platforms came into being. Starting as a small trading stop and hideaway for pirates it slowly grew as pirates would retire by lashing their ships to others. as the population grew some people started constructing stone buildings on the reef.

Founded OVer three hundred years ago

Governance The rule of hte sword, and lash are the offical law of SHipspear, though most follow the pirates code and mind their own business.

Trade Most anything can be found for a price, though one might not wish to go looking too far off the beaten path.

Inspiration Sordadon from Bluffside: City on the Edge