Syvencha Misto

High in the Razorwind Mountains sits Syvencha Misto the city of temples. An isolated and insular monastic city eeking out a living in a remote Valley.

The city is build into the rock of the valley sides, with the valley floor open for agriculure and timber, a single large lake provides clear cold water and fish to the inhabitants. Many schools of martial arts have sprung up in the isolated valley given the scarcity of wood for the smelting of iron.

The isolation has lead to the development of a highly orginized spiritual practice that can help one reach enlightenment and move beyond the wheel of life. Every ten years a new enlightend monk takes the thrown and leads Syvencha Misto, until thier reign ends and they retier to a small cell to write their works, and contemplate the mysteries of life.

Founded When the rocks of the Razorwinds were still young and warm.

Governanc A literal enlightened monarc who heads a theocracy

Trade None, but if pressed, books on spiritual practices, incense and martial arts could be traded.

Inspiration Tibet