Tagata MatuꚎ

Tagata MatuꚎ is the second largest cultural group in the kingdom of Kalawa. Tagata Laᴓ the main cultural group and Tagata MatuꚎ differ in many ways but there are two main points. First, the Tagata MatuꚎ practice burial rights differently. MatuꚎ don’t bury their dead. Instead, they build tall towers cleverly designed to be hot and dry on the inside and flat on top, these round towers house the dead for one year. Here the dead are mummified and left to dry. After a year the bodies are taken to the top of the tower and unwrapped left for the Bone Vultures to consume the body, bone and all. Secondly, They have a different idea of how to propose to a spouse, rather than an ornate dagger as a proposal gift, the gift cloaks. Elaborately crafted finely woven cloaks crafted from the feathers of the same bone vultures which eat their dead.