The lake of colors

A giant lake about 80 miles across on the eastern end of the central plains of northern Vrasia, at the end of the Seian river. Despite its size, the lake is only a few meters deep and its center, and much of it is shallow enough for a tall man to breath while standing upright. The lake sits in a natural basin, where the earth was stripped away from the bedrock for some unknown reason. Because of this, the bottom of the lake is made of exposes rock and minerals of a wide variety of colors and hues. This coupled with the with the shallow depth and clear water leads to an explosion of dazzling colors playing across the surface of the lake, when the rays of the suns hit the water at a sharp angle in the morning or afternoon.

Due to the exposed bedrock, the water has a very high salt content, and the wide shallow water become very warm during the summer. This gives the waters considerable therapeutic value, and many healers may recommend a trip to the lake to heal aching bones or sore muscles.

The therapeutic properties of the lake, as well as the generally agreeable climate of the region make the lake of colors a sought after destination for the rich and well-to-do from across Eramii lands, and indeed the world. The shores of the lake are spotted with country villas and the cities of Seianti, Faltusa, and Cantella along its shores are renown centers of culture and decadence.

The light from the triple suns hitting the waters of the lake on a clear fall or spring day is said to be one of the most striking views one will ever see.