Towns with no name

Built into the cliffs and broad rolling hills of an isolated cove on Balamoor’s northeast coast, sit five sprawling rameshakel towns. The air is always heavy and damp with the sea breeze and in the and from dusk till dawn a thick mist hands across the towns and beaches.

The thick mist that besets the towns, might be natural in origine but it’s effects are far from, those exposed to the mist find their memories drift away from them, their thoughts become heavy and dreamlike. Those who wander off in the night are likly to be found tomorrow missing memories or be found infected with the memories of another.

This magial curse is something the people of the Towns have come to accept and live with, the mist helps hinder organized attempts at resettlement.

The doors of the town all have thick fabric stoppers around all egdes to prevent the mist from entering residences, and people sleep in cramped common areas near blazing fires that will burn away any mist that comes in. The wealthiest in town live in tall building with roaring fires on each floor.

Founded A long time ago?

Governance Various people claim titles such as maayor, or guildmaster but like everything these positions are in flux.

Trade The towns folk are welcoming to outsiders and willing to strike what they see as a fair bargon, sometimes forgetting current market values altogether. Their primary trade goods are agriculture, and wooded materials, given the towns consumption of firewood and charcoal they have become quite adept at caring for the forests around them and crafting items from wood.