Tunganee Mountain of Skulls

In the heart of Balamoor on the desolate wind swept steppe stands a grim testimant to the ferocity and barbarity of The Tunganee people. A mountain, or more aptly put a large hill made of bones an skulls. How it started is lost to time, and myth but after every magor conquest or campaign by a [[Great_Khan_of_the_Tunganee?]] the corpses of all those who died in the conflict are brought back to this remote place, where a fresh layer of rock and dirt is placed atop the hill, then the bodies are piled ontop left to rot in the sun and be stripped of flesh by the wild beasts.

Today the hill stands several hundred feet tall and over a thousand wide. on its top a gread mound of skulls rests surrounded by a ring of pikes driven into the courpses around it. Inscribed upon black iron plaques laid all around the skulls is the story told in epic poem of the last conflict of the last Great Khan.

The “ground” of this mountain is not solid, there are large gaps between the rocks and bones, and over time the whole thing settles and shifts creating a macabre network of tunnles, the largest a man must crawl through on hands and knees and the smallest even rats have trouble scurring through.

Myth and rummor agree that the wealth of conquored nations lies within this pile, for what use do the Tunganee have for gold and silver? It will not feed them, nor keep them warm, nor tend to their herds.

Inspiration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Mountain_(Kalkajaka)_National_Park

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