White Maned Lion

Lions are known to much of the world however the “lions” of Isjenberg look much more like the bears of the world. Large and furry with great mains of white hair that cover much of their head, neck, and shoulders. Most notably of all the heads of these lions have two long antenna-like growths which twitch and sway in the hot air. These growths are called Hale, thick almost rubbery three foot long muscular growths which they use to sense the air. What exactly they can detect is unclear. These creatures are large carnivorous mammals which mainly eat some of the larger lizards of the island and are thought to have been an offshoot of the lions found on Balamoor millennia ago they managed to swim across the widening seaway between the then-burgeoning Reefwind Islands. Now, these Lions make up the only known population of mammals on the islands.