Recap July 4, 2021

There was a door to the east as well as a large corridor going to the northeast into a larger room and another corridor on the western side of the room going straight north.

They decided to check out the door to the east first. It was not locked so Kareem opened it.

This T-shaped hall has three alcoves, two to the north and one to the south. In each alcove is a beautifully carved granite statue depicting an 8-foot tall, helmed elf warrior hefting a spear.

Stone rubble is piled up behind the statue in the southernmost alcove. The spear held by this statue appears to be made of gold.

Kareem approached the statue to the south. He went to grab the gold spear and then put it in Underhill’s Bag of Holding. When he touched the spear, his hand became stuck to it. Pseudopods erupt from the sides of the statue and a mouth opens from the middle of the statue and bites Kareem. It was a mimic!

The group attacked the mimic while doing their best to not hit Kareem who could not get himself unstuck so he continued to hit it with his Mace of Smiting. Finally the mimic was killed and the adhesive no longer worked. They did a quick search and did not find any treasure.

They decided to go north first before checking out the door to the east. They were very leery about the two other statues after the encounter with the mimic. They stealthed their way up the hall checking everything out. They briefly looked at the statues but nothing moved and they did not see any thing that interested them. They moved to the door but no one wanted to open it from fear of it being a mimic. Justen cast Mage Hand and opened the door. They saw two ettins, one male and one female. The male was right next to the door and was about to take a swing with his battleaxe and morningstar. Justen moved his Mage Hand over to the male ettin and grabbed his nose and did “I’ve got your nose” trick. It did not seem to phase the ettin who took a swing at Kareem and missed with both attacks. Encore and his clone moved forward and were attacked by the female ettin who missed both of her attacks as well. Encore’c clone attacked hitting with both of its attacks. Underhill shot his shortbow trying to keep the ettins in sneak attack range whether he was in stealth or not. Kareem attacked with his Mace of Smiting and Justen cast Magic Missile. The ettins could not hit and the group could not miss. Justen cast Fireball damaging both ettins with the male looking worse than the female. Both ettins fell one right after the other.

They looked around this large room. The first thing that they noticed was that both ettins had the symbol of the Xanathar on their foreheads (a circle with ten equidistant spokes radiating outward from it and a dot in the center. Also, see the handout in roll20).

Encore said these were members of Xanathar’s Guild. This is not good.

A blackened forge dominates the north wall. An iron anvil stands atop a 3-foot-high circular stone dais in front of the hearth. Hanging above the anvil from thick iron chains is a stone hammer, 10 feet long and 8 feet wide. Carved into one side of its stone head are the Dwarvish runes for earth and water; the other side is carved with similar runes for air and fire. Kareem estimated that it weighed at least 7,000 pounds. It was also not magical but they were interested in it. It was definitely dwarven-made but its purpose was not clear even to Kareem. A 10-foot-wide, 20-foot-long, 2-foot-high slab of stone dominates the southeast corner of the forge. The ettins’ latest trophies- two dead and rotting carrion crawlers-lie atop it. Just behind the stone slab were two large sacks. Kareem opened one and saw 120 iron ingots worth 5 sp each. Each ingot weighs 1 pound and is stamped with a hammer on one side and an anvil on the other. Underhill opened the other and saw 1,400 cp and 350 sp.

They took one more look around the forge and then went west to check out that corridor leading north. It only went 20 ft north and the 5 ft east before it ended. They went back to the south and then east to the door they had not opened. This door was locked. Underhill picked it quickly and then Encore’c clone opened the door. They saw a 10ft wide corridor going south. It went 65ft and then went west 10ft and the continued south before going east and ending in another door.

Encore’s clone checked the door out. This time it was not locked. Encore’s clone opened the door and they saw:

A 5-foot-wide, 30-foot-long, 45-foot-deep crack has opened in the middle of the 30-foot-high ceiling, spilling rubble onto the floor. Twenty stirges roost at the top of this fissure. Old pickaxes and shovels are stored in two stone wheelbarrows parked in the northwest corner.

Encore closed the door and said that room is full of stirges. We do not need that wheelbarrow, pickaxes or shovels. What if the wheelbarrow is magical asked Kareem. They all decided to head back into the room being as quiet as they could not but not in stealth. They forgot that they were holding lanterns. As soon as the light filled the room stirges emerged from the fissure and began to attack Encore, his clone and Kareem. The stirges must have liked dwarf blood as at least two of them attached themselves to Kareem and did not let go until they had been killed. Justen cast Magic Missile and one of the stirges was removed. Kareem cast Spirit Guardians which removed the other. He moved forward is max movement taking around half of the stirges. The remaining stirges were defeated and the group decided to take a long rest. Underhill figured out how to lock the door and Halleth would guard the door since he did not need to sleep.

After resting they left the room and went back north and then west back into the room with the life-sized statue of a dwarf king with an elongated second head. They discussed where they would go next; back north and explore areas of the first level that they missed or take the stairs down to Level 2 where Halleth could tell that the members of the Fine Fellows of Daggerford had gone. He could tell he was getting close.

They voted and they would head down to the second level to help Halleth get his revenge.

Halleth took the lead. As soon as they hit the second level his revenant sonar went off. He said follow me. I know where my prey is and it looks like it will be easy meat. Try to keep up.

They moved east. Trash and debris litter the floor. The walls are adorned with bas-reliefs that once depicted dwarves carrying supplies. The dwarves’ faces have been chipped away and replaced with cartoonish goblin heads drawn in charcoal. Banging noises can be heard to the north.

As they continued east they found themselves in a soaring, 60-foot-high ceiling supported by two rows of stone pillars. The middle of the chamber is taken up by eight vendor stalls. Twenty-two goblins are here, sixteen vendors (two per stall) and six guards who stand in pairs near the exits. A granite throne stands against the north wall atop a rectangular stone dais.

Halleth kept moving and as he approached one set of guards into a room in the southeast corner, a set of goblin guards asked “Who should they tell Yek is approaching.

Encore said “We are the Revenants. The absolute best tossball team on the uptop.”

The goblin was not sure what to make of this but he let them through and passed on what they had said.

AS they entered the room, Halleth ran to the southern part of the room. Chained to the south wall is a male dwarf clad in leather armor who has been gagged. He has copper-orange hair, but his beard has been shaved off. Halleth began to speak to him on a low voice so the others could not hear him.

The rest of the room:

Flickering torches in iron brackets light this room. Four bugbears stand in the room’s corners. A handsome man wearing a golden circlet on his brow (Yek the Tall, a goblin boss in altered form) reclines on a mound of cushions at the north end of the room, eating an apple. Ten goblins lie about on moldy cushions around him.

Yek said “I do not know what tossball is but I welcome you to my market. We buy and sell good that adventurers or tossball players such as yourselves need to keep exploring Undermountain. But I must ask what is your friend doing with my captive?

The group explained that their friend was a revenant, killed by the dwarf and the rest of the revenant’s old adventuring party and thrown into a pit. A day later, the revenant rose from the dead seeking his revenge. Revenge that only can be had by the revenant killed those responsible.

Yek said well I cannot have my captive killed without proper payment. We were going to ransom him off to his friends and/or family.

What were you going to ask for the ransom?

30 gold.

Encore took it out of his belt pouch and gave it to one of Yek’s goblins as Copper yelled I am worth more than 30 gold. No you are not said Halleth. Now, time for this to end. Halleth slits his throat and Copper’s life energy enters Halleth. For a brief moment Halleth looks stronger but then he fades some as the first of three of his targets for revenge was taken care of.

Halleth sniffed the air and said the other two are on this level. One to the east and one to the south. Both are about the same distance to reach. It is just a matter of time. Oh, he has the map on him.

Underhill looked for the map and found it in a tiny package tucked between his butt cheeks. Justen cast Mage Hand and was able to retrieve the package. He removed the map and they disposed of the package.

They then went back to the market and sold some of the gear they had found and bought some items they felt that they may need.

As they were getting ready to leave the market, they were approached by three goblins who asked they could speak with the group in private.