Recap July 9, 2021

Halleth knew exactly where the next two of his former companions were located. One was to the east, the other was to the south. Both were about the same distance away from where they currently were. Halleth decided to go east first. He headed back into the goblin market and then to the exit to the south.

They heard a goblin’s voice from behind them so they stopped. She asked if she could speak with them briefly. It was one of Vek’s toady goblins from Vek’s “throne room”. They agreed.

She said “We need the help of adventurers such as yourselves. We need you to remove the curse that is on Vek.”

“What curse is that?” asked Encore.

“He has been turned into a human by that gold circlet he wears on his head. It needs to be removed so he can be returned to the goblin boss we all know and love. We are confident that we can have all of the goblins from the market “disappear” whenever you would do this. But we do not have any away over Vek’s bugbear bodyguards.”

Encore shapeshifts into Vek. “Would this listen to Vek?” he says in Vek’s voice. The goblins were a little taken back by this but calmed down as soon as Encore switched back to his regular form.

“Yes, I think they would.” she replied.

We understand that you all have something urgent that needs to be done. We can see your friend is pacing. We can wait for you to finish that task. Also, we understand if you cannot do this. There are other adventurers that will come through. Hopefully it is just a matter of time before we get the old Vek back.

The goblins left and the group went through the door to the south.

Halleth took the lead and led them down a long corridor. They came to a four-way intersection. Frescoes on the walls of this four-way intersection depict shield dwarves at work. Magic causes the images to move. The dwarves roll and stack barrels, carve blocks of stone, drink from stone tankards, and so forth. As you make your way down these halls, the dwarves wave at you and occasionally wink.

Halleth continued east ignore the magical frescoes. He entered a mine like area with the tunnels alternating between south and east. The tunnel did not last long and soon they were in another passage but they did not like the frescoes on these walls. The walls of this passage are painted with images of wizards succumbing to madness and being transformed into nothics. One particularly vivid image shows shafts of eerie green light exploding out of a spellbook and changing a wizard into a gibbering mouther.

Halleth sped up but no one seemed to mind. He went north 15ft and then turned east and entered a large room.

Flickering torchlight created by continual flame spell s spills out of this room into the hall. The 15-foot-high vaulted chamber contains the following: Freestanding iron torch sconces in the four corners of the room have continual flame spells cast upon them. A female human priest wearing what look to be priest robes relaxes in one of several overstuffed chairs in the middle of the room. Around her neck,she wears two holy symbols: one shaped like a gold coin , the other a black disk outlined in purple.

Underhill and Encore knew these the first symbol was the symbol of Waukeen, god of trade and the second symbol was of Shar, god of darkness and loss.

“Midna,” the revenant calls, a lazy grin on his tattered face. The bruises stand out like violet beacons. “Midna, my dear… It’s time to pay the piper.”

The priestess recognizes the corpse and recoils. “You… No, no, gods no, you… You can’t be…” “I am,” says the elf. “Reckoning has come. Your reckoning.”

“Stay back!” she shouts, kindling radiant fire in her palm—but the revenant cares not and marches on even as the bolts of holy flame are hurled at his wretched body. “Back!” she screams, but there’s no use. There’s no negotiating with the reaper.

The revenant closes the distance, and gently cups one of the two the holy symbols at her neck—the symbol of Waukeen. “My Lady, my goddess, I give unto you this tithe. Do with her what you will.”

“Halleth, please, I didn’t mean you any h—”

The priestess’s cries are cut short as the revenant closes both hands around her throat and snaps her neck like a dry branch. Her body ragdolls to the floor—but not before Halleth snatches back the symbol of his deity and adorns himself with Waukeen’s divine icon.

The room contained empty bookshelves and desks along the walls. Against the south wall stands a long banquet table bearing fresh foodstuffs on copper platters and copper flagons filled to the brim with wine. A portrait of a smiling Halaster hangs above the table.

The food on the banquet table looked really good to Encore so he went over to the table and picked up some of the food. As soon as he did he was attacked by an invisible creature. Then another invisible creature attacked him. Suddenly everyone in the room was being attacked but things that they could not see. They had a hard time hitting these things until Lathias cast Faerie Fire on what he hoped was a good number of them. He was able to get 5 of them with the spell. They saw purple shapeless forms with fists surrounding Encore. They were easier to hit now and soon those 6 and 3 others that remained invisible were all destroyed.

Encore and Lathias eat some of the food. It was really good. Underhill took the holy symbol of Shar. It might be magical but he could not tell. He reckoned he could sell it for at least 25 gold. The portrait really stood out in the room.

After he finished eating, Encore looked the portrait of Halaster and said “Thank you.” Encore was almost positive that the portrait winked at him. But he was not sure.

Halleth was itching to go so they took one last look around the room and then they head back east to the goblin market to find the third and final member of the Fine Fellows of Daggerford so Halleth could have his revenge.

They exited out the front entrance of the goblin market and then headed south. They entered a room with a rusted iron hand pump and a deep stone basin in the middle. They saw a thin layer of water in the bottom of the basin.

They moved south and then turned east with the passage ending at a door. Halleth was not able to open the door so Encore’s echo did it. Inside they saw:

This well-maintained workroom reeks of rotting flesh and ozone. Odd metal instruments designed for measuring electricity rest atop tables, along with several loose scraps of parchment. Lathias was interested in the items in here but he would wait until Halleth had completed his task to really go through the items. He did look through the pieces of parchment and found several with notes on them that include terms such as “rate of decay” and “accumulation of charge.” He then found another scrap of paper. He said I think you all should read this and he handed it over.

It was the beginnings of a journal.

“Day 1: Halaster has granted me this abandoned copper mine in the Arcane Chambers. Finally, I have access to the components needed for my experiments.”

Everything beyond that point is smudged and illegible.

Halleth had already moved east and was standing at a copper-plated door in the southeast corner of the room. The room contained twelve sealed wooden barrels covered in dust rest against the walls. A hammock laden with blankets hangs from anchors in the north wall.

Encore went to check out one of the barrels to see if could figure out what was inside of it. He did not see any markings so he opened it and out burst a ghoul! Suddenly 5 more ghoul crashed out of barrels all around the room. The attacked everyone. The ghouls were a bit tougher than the unseen servants but they too were defeated in no time.

Once the ghouls were taken care of, Encore went to look in the other barrels while Underhill went to search the hammock. Meanwhile, Halleth was waiting for someone to open the copper-plated door in the southeast corner.