Recap June 25, 2021

They moved west to the top of the steps. Encore saw a room lined with pillars. Similar staircases descend into the room from 10-footwide tunnels leading north, west, and south. He saw a shadow around the northern-most pillar. He adjusted his lantern and he saw the skeleton of a giant snake wrapped around the pillar. And it may have moved. Or it could have been a trick of the light. He sent his clone to check it out. The clone got to about 15ft away and fired his crossbow at the snake skeleton. He hit it squarely and it fell apart,clattering loudly as it hits the floor. The sound echoed briefly but soon the quiet dungeon ambiance quickly returned.

They decided to head south but Kareem wanted to check out the fish man statue one more time. Lathias and Underhill said they would go with him but Encore and his clone stayed back at the secret door entrance to make sure nothing approached. Kareem checked the statue out. Finding nothing he consulted with Lathias and Underhill once more on what it could be. They decided to leave it and only come back if they absolutely had to.

They went back to the hall of many pillars and decided to head south. They followed a long corridor south. It then turned to the west briefly before going south again. The dwarven worked stone ended and a crudely dug tunnel replaced it. Kareem could tell right away that the tunnel had been dug relatively recently. He was not happy to see the dwarven architecture destroyed like this. Encore had gone away. He found a dead goblin with its head bashed in. Next to the goblin was a small pile of rubble with 3 pick axes laying on top of it. A little further down the tunnel he saw another pile with two shovels on it. Underhill put the pick axes and shovels in to his Bag of Holding.

The tunnel wound around a few more feet and opened up into a another section worked dwarven stone. Half-buried in stone debris at the north end of this partially collapsed hall is a headless stone statue of a nude woman. Kareem was interested and he started to remove the debris from around the statue. He was started to find the statue’s head, which resembled the head of a cobra with its fangs bared. He felt certain that this was not part of the original complex that the dwarves had built. It was not as old as the worked stone but it had been there for awhile.

There was s single door to the west and a set of double doors to the east. They went east. Opening the doors they saw a passageway going east and another passageway going south. They continued east until the came upon an alcove.

Carved into the back wall of this alcove is a shallow niche containing a bas-relief sculpture of a nude, heavyset man playing a harp. Lying on the floor of the alcove is a broken half of a 10-foot pole.

They took a closer look and Kareem saw some writing on the harp. It was an inscription of some kind but he would need to get closer to ready it. He had to get right up on the sculpture but he was able to it.

Gaze upon me with bronzed visage And secrets shall I reveal.

They did not have anything bronze. Kareem said visage has something to do with a face or faces. Lathias said I could make something bronze that might work but it will take awhile to get it done and I would need the right materials. They were not sure what to do next so they continued east.

They came to another door. Opening it they saw a passageway going north and south. They continued south and found another door. Opening it they saw a good sized room. A 30-foot- wide, floor-to-ceiling map is carved into the west wall. In the middle of the room is a 10-foot-square open pit. They could hear something moving about at the bottom of the pit.

They went to look at the map first.

This elaborate image is a cross-section map of Undermountain, with what is clearly Mount Waterdeep and the City of Splendors at the top, and twenty-three hollowed-out dungeon levels stacked below it. Each dungeon level has its own stylistic side view, but no names or details are incl ud ed to suggest what a level is called or what it contains. Three features stand out:

• Next to the third level is a bas-relief of a flaming skull.

• Next to the sixteenth level is a bas-relief of a comet.

• Next to the twenty-third (lowest) level is a bas-relief of a tower with a tiny rune engraved above it.

Encore said the flaming skull has to represent Skullport since we know that it is on the third level of Undermountain. The others I am not sure about. Lathias said he recognized the rune about the two next to the lowest level of the map but he could not remember where or what it meant. As he was looking at all three bas-relief he realized that the were buttons that could be pressed. Encore said okay, why not and he pressed the flaming skull.

A magical, disembodied male voice filled the room and said in Common, “Gate access to Skullport disabled.”

Encore said well I got that one right. He then preceded to press the comet button..

A magical, disembodied male voice fills the room and says in Common, “Gate access to Stardock from level 16 only.”

Everyone were reluctant to press the rune button. Encore said it could be dangerous. It is associated with the lowest level. The rest agreed. They then heard a voice came from the pit.

Hey, can you guys help me out? I am cannot climb out of this pit.

Walking slowly over to the pit, Underhill asked who is this? The man’s voice replied who are you? Underhill looked down into the pit and saw an elf or half-elf looking back up at him. Underhill said so what is your story.

Have you been or are currently members of the Fine Fellows of Daggerford?

Underhill remembered that he had heard that name in the Yawning Portal and they had were a group of adventurers who had planned to go into Undermountain for fame and fortune.

Underhill replied No we are not.

The man said Good. For they are the ones that did this to me. See, they beat me to death, literally, and then threw my body down into this pit. I “awoke” the next day like this but have not been able to get out of here since the pit walls are too smooth.

Encore threw down and rope and then he and Underhill helped the man climb out.

Kareem knew right away what this “man” was. A revenant, a type of undead bent on revenge as one who met a cruel and undeserving fate.

The man said I see you looking at me funny. Encore said if you are what I think you are, you will not harm us. You seek those that killed you.

That is correct. Until I died I was a cleric of Waukeen. I guess I have lost the ability to cast spells as well as my holy symbol. My beef is with the Fine Fellows of Daggerford, Copper Stormforge (a shield dwarf) and two humans named Midna Tauberth and Rex the Hammer. I would ask that I join your party as I will need assistance getting to them. Oh, my name is Halleth Garke. They also took my map of the Sargauth Level (level 3) that is 100% accurate. I am willing to give you the map if you help me find them so I can get my revenge.

Encore said do you know which way they went.

I do. They went through this secret door to the south. Halleth goes to the southern wall and opens the secret door. He then stops for a moment and closed his eyes. They do not appear to still be on this level. But seeing as they have the map to the 3rd level, we know what there destination is.

The group agreed to help Hallath. They followed him into the secret door and through secret tunnel to a dead end. Hellath said hold on and soon he had opened another secret door. Opening it they saw:

A deformed granite statue stands on the east side of a large stone column, facing eastward. West of the statue there are stairs leading down. The sound of squabbling emanates from a tunnel leading north.

As the came into the room they saw that they statue was a life-size and depicting a dwarf king standing atop a 3-foot-high stone pedestal. Sprouting from the king’s neck is a deformed, mostly featureless second head with an elongated, toothless mouth. The inscriptions on the pedestal have been worn away. On the king’s brow rests an engraved stone circlet, and his large hands grasp the handle of a stone warhammer, the head of which is planted at his feet.

In addition to the squabbling they heard movement from the eastern side of the room. Coming out of another room to the east were three bugbears and they were throwing their javelins at the group. While the bugbears hit hard, they did not have a lot of health and soon they were defeated.

Heading back to the dwarf statue, neither Lathias nor Kareem could identify the dwarf “king”. But they did notice that the warhammer was a separate piece of stone that could be rotated. Encore turned it and as the weapon’s backside faced forward, the pedestal rpose another 3 feet, revealing an open cavity that contained a circlet identical to the one worn by the statue- but fashioned from gold rather than stone. They decided that Kareem should have it as he was a dwarf. No one could Identify it then so he waited to put it on.

They went north and saw around 19 goblins fighting with one another. Encore shifted his image into a bugbear and went to see what they were fighting about. He could only speak common and Undercommon so the goblins had no idea what he was saying.

He then went to get the bag of dead rats and stirges and brought them to a small group of goblins. They devoured the bag and and when the “food” was gone the goblins started to attack one another. The other goblins spotted Kareem and seeing that he was a dwarf the goblins attacked him and the group. The goblins fell as easier than the bugbears.

There was a door to the east as well as a large corridor going to the northeast into a larger room and another corridor on the western side of the room going straight north.