Demelza Fyppound

Name Demelza Fyppound
Ancestry HumanLevel 1
Current XP 406Required XP 1000


Student of the Arcanegain 2 random spell books. You have a number of Magic Dice (=MD) equal to your [Level]/2 rounded up. All saves associated to casting arcane spells are based on your INT.

Ability Scores

Bonus Defense
Strength 212
Dexterity 111
Constitution 212
Intelligence 414
Wisdom 111
Charisma 313


Heritage BonusMalus
Human 1 extra starting equipment Disadvantage to resist being mutated or transformed


Current HP 5Max HP 5
Armor Class 13

Magic & Spells

Current MD 1Max MD1


Exploration ??
Overland ??
Encounter ??

Exploration = 120’
Overland = Exploration/5 in miles
Encounter = Exploration/3


See List of Languages.
You know Common, and are Literate to an additional Language for every even Intelligence bonus.
So for example a PC with Intelligence bonus of 4 will know Common and 2 extra languages.

Literate Common, Dwarf, Goblin


Item Slots

1Gambeson (Defense 12, 1 slot, 3 quality)11Rations x 3
2Waterskin 12Grappling Hook and Rope (50ft)
3Sack x 313
4Shield 14
5Rations x 315
6Spikes x 516
7Spellbook: Horsebane 17
8Spellbook: Magnificent Sponge 18
9Spear (d8 damage, 2 slot, 1 hand, 3 quality)19
10Spear 20
SpellRange Target DurationEffect
Horsebane100’Area[sum] rounds A circle 20’ in radius becomes sticky and soft. Creatures in the area move at half speed and take 1 damage per round. Any creature that was running or charging in the round before this spell was cast must Save vs Dex or take [sum] damage and be immobilized for 1d6 rounds. Creatures with multiple legs get -4 to their Save.
Magnificent SpongeTouchPoint[dice] hoursYou summon a yellow sponge the size of your head. The sponge can instantly absorb up to [sum]x100L of liquid without growing heavier. You can squeeze the liquid free, but only at the rate of a normal sponge (10L/minute). The sponge can be reused if it is wrung out completely. If you cast this spell with 4 [dice], the sponge lasts for a year and a day, but the spell does not return to your spellbook until the sponge duration expires or the sponge is dispelled. The sponge is impervious to harm caused by the liquids it absorbs.




The standard currency is Silver Shillings. All prices are usually given in Silver Shillings.

Golden Crown 0
Silver Shilling 246
Copper Pieces 0

Other treasure

Total ??

Character Description