List of Languages

The languages you have in your character sheet are ones you are familiar with. You can communicate, and read/write to a decent extent. The group is assumed to be part or very tied to the Itean Empire, hence the Common as ruling language. Empire was and is oppressive in nature, and has been using their language to unify their folk for centuries. Other languages in their territory have lost significance with time.

Character Creation Languages known

You know Common, and are Literate to an additional Language for every even Intelligence bonus. So for example a PC with Intelligence bonus of 4 will know Common and 2 extra languages.

Ancestry Languages

You can understand the general meaning of your Ancestry language spoken at you, but don’t speak it fluently enough to carry a long conversation or read/write. It’s the language you heard your grandparents speak, chanted at church, etc.
You can understand the general meaning of a conversation of the language of your Ancestry when spoken at you.
But not details or nuances (might miss bits). And you can try to talk back very brokenly.

If you decide to take the language of your Ancestry, it’s assumed you either made an effort and studied the language, or you grew up in a secluded location where it’s still used more heavily.

List of Languages

Spoken By Notes
Common Humans, Empire Imposed by the ruling Itean Empire. Spoken by (almost) all, especially in civilized areas.
Dwarf Dwarves Written form is runes, as it should be.
Draconian Lizardfolk, Dragons ??
Elven/Fae Fey creatures ??
Giant/Jotun Jotun, Giants ??
Goblin Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears ??
Halfling Halflings An old root of Common (think English from 3 centuries ago).
Molekin Molekin No formalized written form.
Orc Orcs ??