Name Odin
Ancestry Halfling Level 1
Current XP 0Required XP 2000
Alignment ???


Survivalist You thrive in the Wilds protecting the realms of Man from the horrors that lurk in dark wood and deep cave. You have Advantage on saves to track, navigate, hunt, and forage in the wilderness.
Knack 2??

Ability Scores

Bonus Defense
Strength 212
Intelligence 212
Wisdom 212
Dexterity 313
Constitution 111
Charisma 212


Current HP 6Max HP 6
Armor Class 13


Exploration 120’
Overland 24 Miles
Encounter 40’

Exploration = 120’
Overland = Exploration/5 in miles
Encounter = Exploration/3


See List of Languages.
You know Common, and are Literate to an additional Language for every even Intelligence bonus.
So for example a PC with Intelligence bonus of 4 will know Common and 2 extra languages.

Literate Common


Item Slots

1Sword (d8 damage, 2 slot, 1 hand, 3 quality 11??
2Gambeson (Defense 12, 1 slot, 3 quality)12??
3Helmet (Defense +1, 1 slot, 1 quality)13??
4Pole 10ft 14??
5Spikes, 515??
6Metal File 16??
7Horn 17??
82 Days Rations 18??




The standard currency is Silver Shillings. All prices are usually given in Silver Shillings.

Golden Crown ??
Silver Shilling 9
Copper Pieces ??

Other treasure

Total ??

Character Description

Odin he has half of his head shaved with one missing eye and one missing ear but is face is slightly chubby. He is little muscular in is torso and thin legs. He wears shaggy cloths he came from a family with not much wealth and wellness. Odin was living in a very poor neighborhood when he felt this urge to go adventure…..