Ruddy Sweetleaf

Name Ruddy Sweetleaf
Ancestry Halfling Level 1
Current XP 0Required XP 2000
Alignment Chaos


Knack 1Muscle Armor CON is your Armor Defense when you wear no other armor. May wield a shield or helmet.
Knack 2??

Ability Scores

Bonus Defense
Strength 515
Intelligence 313
Wisdom 111
Dexterity 111
Constitution 111
Charisma 111


Current HP 5Max HP 5
Armor Class ??


Exploration 120(feet)
Overland 24(miles)
Encounter 40(feet)

Exploration = 120’
Overland = Exploration/5 in miles
Encounter = Exploration/3


See List of Languages.
You know Common, and are Literate to an additional Language for every even Intelligence bonus.
So for example a PC with Intelligence bonus of 4 will know Common and 2 extra languages.

Literate Common, Halfling


Item Slots

1Rations (2 days)6Sack
2Sword (d8, 2 slots, 1 hand, 3 quality)7Candles (5)
3see slot 28Net
4Gambeson (Defense 12, 1 slot, 3 quality)9Card Deck




The standard currency is Silver Shillings. All prices are usually given in Silver Shillings.

Golden Crown ??
Silver Shilling 11
Copper Pieces ??

Other treasure

Total ??

Character Description

PhysiqueCorpulent VirtueCourageous
FaceDelicate ViceVain
SkinPierced SpeechPrecise
HairBraided BackgroundOutlaw
ClothingLivery MisfortunesPursued