Name Muad’dib
Ancestry Dwarf Level 1
Current XP 406Required XP 1594
Alignment Neutral


Dungeoneer You have Advantage on DEX saves to disable traps, assuming you have the proper tools. Three times per day you may ask any of the following questions and must be given an honest answer: Is there a trap here? (Y/N Answer) Is there a hidden door here? (Y/N Answer)
Knack 2??

Ability Scores

Bonus Defense
Strength 0111
Intelligence 0212
Wisdom 0111
Dexterity 0111
Constitution 0414
Charisma 0111


Heritage BonusMalus
Dwarf No penalties for broken or hilly terrain Pervasive, unique stink


Current HP 4Max HP 4
Armor Class 13


Exploration 120’
Overland 24mi
Encounter 40’


See List of Languages.

Literate Common, Dwarven


Item Slots

1Spear (d8 damage, 2 slot, 1 hand OOO)11??
2Shield (Defense +1, 1 slot O)12??
3Gambeson (Defense 12, 1 slot OOO)13??
4Crowbar 14
5Ten-foot Pole “Trusty”15XX
6Air Bladder 16XX
7Sling (d4 damage, 1 slot, 1 hand, 000)17XX
85 Rations 18XX
93 gallons of cider 19XX
104 torches 20XX



a gem
silver brooch w/ note
a small leather pouch (empty)


The standard currency is Silver Shillings. All prices are usually given in Silver Shillings.

Golden Crown 0
Silver Shilling 169
Copper Pieces 0

Other treasure

Total ??

Character Description

Haggard and sickly looking dwarf. Wheezes. Smokes corncob pipe. Missing most of his teeth, his right ear, and the tips from both middle fingers on left hand. Fired from his job as a chimney sweep after being caught snooping on the chaplain’s daughter.

A smart green hat of supple leather adorns his otherwise bald pate.

Father & grandfather were cobblers.