Death and Discovery

From our first Troika! session, 02/17/19.

THE BRASS TOWER: Death and Discovery

[[Callum?]], [[Milifred?]], [[Aigis?]],and [[Elan?]] crash-land on [[Edel?]] while on a treasure-gathering mission from [[The_Broker?]], their Troikan employer.

After getting their experimental mini-barge to a garage in [[Jeda?]], they went to the tavern to get leads for treasure, both to pay their repair bill and for their employer. The local rumor mill pointed them in the direction of a mysterious brass tower that descended from the sky off the coast of Ur-El, to the south.

Catching the next caravan to Ur-El, the party sees a shellshocked fish-man shuffling quietly north along the road.

As they reach Ur-El, they hear a discordant bell-like sound coming from the direction of the tower. A strange old man with a bizzare taste for gremlins rents a small boat to the group, which Aigis successfully pilots to the small island with the tower.

Entering the tower, the group finds a small entryway with two sealed doorways and an open archway. After being spooked by a pressure plate, they remove a strange orange crystal from above one of the doorways.

Continuing through the open archway, they find a hallway with set of three mysterious black balls set on claw-like pedestals. Aftersome experimentation, the balls appear to absorb small amounts of matter, but “flow” around larger masses. The room also contains some sort of duct system and a large basin, in which is curled a long, furry creature with leathery wings. The gang heads up the stairs to the back of the hallway.

There, they find a large room that appears to have been ransacked or vandalized. In the corner they meet Tonus, a barely-functioning automaton who claims to have been attacked by “icthyoids”. He hands them what appears to be a large tuning fork and entreats them to restore the backup power.

After some experimentation (including the befriending of the long furry creature) and a demonstration from Tonus, the group opens one of the sealed doors in the entryway by sounding the tuning fork. Through a small hatchway, they find the dark and cramped generator room, which is mostly taken up my complex tubing and machinery. A large blue worm-like creature lay in a stupor on the floor--that is, until it was roused by the stray foot of Callum. It proceeded to try to close its lamprey-like jaws around the group, but was ultimately bludgeoned back into the hole through which it had entered the room. Aigis uses one of her backup plasmic cores to revitalize the backup generator, which causes lined patterns on the wall to glow with a dim light.

Tonus offers brief words of thanks, then sets to repairing his maimed body with a soldering iron. The party opens the far door to find a large terrarium of sorts, whose far wall is open to the outside world. A wide variety of plants grow here, and parts of it appear to be in disarray. The group also notes deep gouges in irregular patterns on the outside wall of the tower. A group of blue chitinous monkey-like creatures begin to harass the group by throwing fruits at them, but Callum taps into his latent ability to Act Like He Belongs and gains the trust of these creatures. Poking around, Milifred finds a walkway that allows her to see a box-like protrusion from the tower. [NOTE: I forgot to mention this, but there are what appear to be automaton parts strewn about on the walkway--arms, legs, etc].

Using Aigis’s detachable hand, the crew improvises a grappling hook that lets them clamber up to a hatch (the ladder had been broken somehow, accompanied by a large gouge similar to those on the outer face of the tower) leading back into the tower. A longish tunnel leads to two hatches; one goes to the roof of the tower, where the group spies a shining golden lizard on the opposite lip. The tower, notably, appears to be hollow in the middle.

The second hatch leads to a room with benches, books, and a shelf of golden spheres. The group is attacked by a couple of deranged fish-men after Callum runs his mouth, and after sustaining some damage the party kills them both. While attempting to rest, they are attacked by a four-armed brass robot with a roller ball instead of legs. It is apparently malfunctioning, says only, “INTRUDERS DETECTED”, and seems to attack whatever intruder it feels is nearest. Callum and Aigis escape; Callum to send his monkey friends after the robot, and Aigis to attempt to communicate with the golden lizard. Milifred and Elan, despite the monkey assistance, manage only to damage the sentry before it kills them. It exacts great vengeance on Milifred, who smashed a golden orb on the floor. With his final act, Elan projects the group’s search for treasure into the mind of the golden lizard, who points Aigis in the direction of the tower’s hollow before curling back up to sleep.

Notable Items Plundered

Other Notable Notes

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