Secrets, Science, and Washing-Machines

Secrets, Science, and Washing-Machines

The gang enters the Terrarium to find the two remaining crab-monkeys cowering high in the trees, still clearly shook from the sentry’s attack. The team knots their climbing rope for the the webbed-handed fishmen, and proceed to the Break Room, where they loot the bodies of their fallen comrades. The fishmen are overcome with grief at the sight of the others that the team had killed, and insist on making a proper burial of them. The crew proceed without them to the Control Room, where they find another dismembered [[Amot?]]. After some clever experimentation by [[Saint_Toledo_II?]], [[Aigis?]] successfully interfaces with the tower’s control panel, gaining some insight into its structure and current inhabitants.

Through the archway, the group discovers the Restoration Room, and correctly intuits its purpose. Rejoined by two of their grieving fish-friends, they load the bodies of Tonus and Xel into the pods after restoring power to the room. After brutally murdering a sleeping Ket’ko (the long furry boiz), [[Callum?]] proceeds down the Crawlspace (for him, a Walkspace) with the two icthyoid adventurers in tow. They enter the Hangar, finding [[Izzo_&_Phee?]] under attack by a swarm of the flying snakes that had harassed them earlier. [[Yargle?]] and Aigis quickly arrive as backup, and together the team makes short work of the flying snakes. The malfunctioning Phee lets out much more information than he probably intended; enough to where Izzo attacks him, and would have silenced him if not for a well-placed snotrocket from Yargle. With the information from Phee, Aigis accesses the two golden Protocol Orbs that Callum had pocketed, clueing her in to the purpose of the tower and the political structure of the Amot within it.

Meanwhile, ST2 has befriended the newly-restored Tonus and Xel, who have personalities but only echoes of memories. They are grateful to their rescuer, and entertain his enthusiastic talk regarding the glory of edged weaponry.

After interrogating the happily compliant Phee, Aigis takes the hangar’s teleporter to a room near the top of the tower, under the resting dargon-lizard-thingy. There, she finds some strange machinery, one of which is revealed to be an Amot Assembler after she plugs into a nearby Protocol Orb. She also quickly intuits the lock-rhythm of a sealed chest, and plunders the Amot Hearts within.

She is investigating the hatch to the outside, while ST2 is rejoining the main group, who in turn are wrapping up their interrogation of Phee.

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