Port Cathas

The seat of civilization and engineering ingenuity towards the south of the Marrow Seas. Governed by a collection of oligarchs, including High Lord Sylvexian, and the Central Bureaucracy, which administers government and dispatches the Cathan Navy around the seas.

Notable Districts in Port Cathas

The Central Bureacracy - Office buildings, government cafeterias, and subterranean surreptitious torture chambers. Home to Consul Eastman.

West Fold - Ivy-coated streets lead to the Cathan University and housing for the scholars that walk it’s hallowed halls. Home to Dr. xxx the Alchemist and Dr. xxx, expert in Ancient Extraplanar writing.

Whisperside - A collection of tents, temporary shelters, and the economies that have formed around them filled with the weeping families of those who have been interred within the Catatonic Spire.

Brass Alley - Choked and crowded with throngs of humanity’s economic detritus, the market alleyways are home to all variety of curios. Weapons, armor, and pickpockets aplenty can be found here. Home to xxx the dwarf artificer.

Skyrise Hill - Vestries and priestly homes surround the peaks and domes of the Cathedral of Saints, home to the Archfather and his gold-cloaked attendants. It is rumored that a dark grotto to Below is hidden among the catacombs deep within the Hill.

Windglimmer - Rich merchants and their families stroll about ruinously expensive gardens and beckon jingling servants forth with platters of rich lichens and salt pork.

Lower Soot - Decrepit tenements vomit forth gangs of children, wild dogs, and the plotting criminal minds that direct the darker elements of the city about their subtle endeavors.

Goatstack Docks - Shipwright’s workshops crafting the steamships that sail the seas, iron foundries belching smoke that clouds the air, and dockworker’s unions breaking the knees of those foolish scabs who work for scraps.