Archetypes are repeating patterns of gods throughout the multiverse. A cleric who worships a god who falls into an archetype gets spells in every celestial sphere that has a god of the same archetype (as if the god had an avatar in that celestial sphere.) Known archetypes are:

The DestroyerChaotic EvilChaos, Evil, Destruction, Death, WarA black, five pointed star
The FatherLawful GoodGood, Healing, Law, Knowledge, WarA golden sun
The JudgeLawful GoodGood, Destruction, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionA balanced scale
The LoverNeutral GoodAnimal, Good, Healing, Protection, WaterA white dove
The MagusNeutralKnowledge, Luck, Magic, Protection, TrickeryAn open eye
The MerchantLawful NeutralKnowledge, Law, Luck, Travel, TrickeryA gold coin
The MotherChaotic GoodAnimal, Good, Earth, Protection, PlantA crescent moon
The ReaperLawful EvilDeath, Earth, Evil, Law, TrickeryA humanoid skull
The StormlordChaotic NeutralAir, Chaos, Destruction, Travel, WaterA silver trident
The SmithNeutralFire, Knowledge, Magic, Strength, WaterAn anvil
The TricksterChaotic NeutralChaos, Knowledge, Luck, Magic, TrickeryA fool’s scepter
The WarriorLawful NeutralLaw, Luck, Magic, Strength, WarA greatsword
The AdversaryChaotic EvilAny but Good and LawAn open flame
The CreatorLawful GoodAny but Chaos and EvilA golden wheel
AsmodeusLawful EvilEvil, Fire, Law, Magic, Trickery-
TiamatChatoic Evil--