Planar Organizations

Planar Organisations

Most creatures never leave their home planes. Certainly on the Material or Elemental Planes, only a tiny fraction of the folk even know about the existence of other planes. Suggestions that one can travel to the Afterworld without dying or that there are places where not everything is on fire are taken as heresy, madness or the retelling of myths by most sensible folk. Even on the much more cosmopolitan Outer Planes, most outsiders spend eternity contemplating the infinite majesty of the gods or tormenting the damned, never actually travelling to another plane even though they are aware of their existence. There is, therefore, an unspoken bond between fellow planar travellers, an understanding of the dangers and the wonders of plunging headlong from one world to another.

The various planar organisations were founded by travellers to establish a network of allies and friends scattered across the planes. Over the centuries, they have grown beyond their original goals of brotherhood, and now the organisations each have their own interests and spheres of influence. Some have even become players in the great game.

Using Planar Organisations

The key to the various organisations is that they have agents or outposts on most of the planes of existence, allowing them to serve as running antagonists or allies in a campaign. They offer continuity in a game where the environment changes radically every session. Organisations can also be patrons, plot hook dispensers or refuges for the characters.

Characters can join one or more organisations and each has a feat and a three-level prestige class attached to it. If a character joins an organisation, they should take the appropriate feat as soon as possible. The prestige class can be taken at any point after that, and represents the character’s involvement in the goals and running of the organisation. A character can take a level in the class, then take levels in a different class before moving back to the organisation class without penalty.