The Planes and Beyond


Learning About the Planes

Demiplanes function much like planes. However, while most planes are theoretically infinite in size, a demiplane might be as small as a single room or as large as thousands of miles across. As a result, while there are usually hundreds if not more permanent and relatively well- known (at least to those that study the planes) gates leading to a major plane, demiplanes have very few and often very odd and/or obscure planar gates.

Demiplanes exist as pocket dimensions within other planes, float outside of the known spheres of existence, or layer upon another plane. Most demiplanes are coterminous with larger planes, touching at specific points and granting access from and to the larger plane. Some are separated from their larger neighbor(s) through rigid, impervious barriers while the borders of others are so porous as to be virtually non-existent.

Demiplanes come into existence for almost as many reasons as there are known demiplanes. There are demiplanes crafted by the hands of gods (whether by choice or accident), demiplanes that are the result of powerful magical or planar cataclysms, demiplanes can be created during planar storms or cosmic accidents, and still others simply come into being out of nothing.

In short, unlike the known planes, a demiplane can take virtually any form the DM can dream up and such a place is the perfect excuse to go wild with one’s imagination (a demiplane dominated by large, severed intelligent thumbs anyone?), or even to try out a new setting in a controlled environment (hey, whose to say that there isn’t a small demiplane of steamwork technology, or even cybernetics?).

That being said, let’s take a look at the demiplanes.