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Summary: Planar Factions Collected by ari marmell production by Philip Reed Proofreading by Mark Gedak, Patrick Kossmann, Kent . . .


< (Be sure to check out Ronin Art’s A Dozen


> (Be sure to check out A Dozen


The multiverse offers an infinite number of possibilities, endless worlds that serve as the basis for adventures or entire campaigns. It is an often overlooked fact, however, that characters need not travel beyond their world to experience the threats and rewards the planes have to offer. Planar Factions presents organizations, guilds, and secret societies that span multiple worlds. Each exists and operates on numerous planes, and each carries with it its own potential for story, adventure, and conflict. The Planar Factions can be used individually, dropped neatly into almost any campaign setting, or they can be used as a whole, representing a veritable web of interplanar organizations.

Each Planar Faction includes the organization’s overall makeup, its resources and base of operations, its history, its goals and methods, its internal laws and customs, and new game mechanics specific to that organization. And because each faction operates on multiple worlds, you can make them a driving force in your own setting, or use them as a means of introducing your PCs to planar adventuring. (Be sure to check out A Dozen Planar Traits and A DM’s Directory of Demiplanes for more planar adventuring ideas.)

The Planar Factions series includes: