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Tarotic Aboleths

Aboleths are primeval fish-like beings that claim to be older than the Metaverse itself. Sages love to debate whether these statements are true or not, or whether such a thing would even make sense, but what they all agree is that these creatures don’t appear to be bound by the same rules of biology that even magical creatures seem to follow.

Aboleths do not have souls and look forward to no after life. Instead, they share a genetic memory that allows them to remember everything that has happened to their ancestors (it is through this genetic memory that they are able to recount times before the rational world took shape.) In addition, they have strange ability to shape biology in their image, something that they are not shy about doing due to their belief that they are the rightful rulers of reality. (This is thought to be the origin of many aberrations such as skum, cloakers, faceless stalkers, ceratioidi, shoggoth, and oxeph.)

Due to their “immortality” aboleth dominions rise and fall on geological time scales, and cryptic statements from the aboleths indicate that the rise of life in the planes may have happened while the aboleths were “looking the other.” Whatever the case may be, when life arose it spelled the end of abolethic rulership on many planes due to two accidents of biology A) although aboleths are amphibious their biology is best suited for watery environments, and B) most intelligent races ended up being land faring.

Some aboleths have joined the Poison Tide, an extraplanar organization devoted to extending the reach of the seas across reality.