01 The Adventure Begins

An adventuring party was formed in the town of Brignorth consisting of:

Having seen a report in the Brignorth Post of Goblin raids from Stonehell and the governor Hestel Vinethorn promising that any treasures or artifacts found could off the party set. The rumours the party had heard about Stonehell were:

The journey was a half days travel from the town and when they arrived at the head of the canyon they saw a large gatehouse spanning the opening of the canyon. . The exterior wall of the Gatehouse is covered with messages, crude drawings, and other inscriptions in various languages.

Despite two breaches in the large wall the majority of the party entered via the gatehouse (as it’s doors had long ago been destroyed). As they enter the canyon they see a lone white rabbit, sitting on a step watching them. Siron fires a sling shot at it which misses wildly and the rabbit runs off. As they begin investigating the canyon they suddenly see a pair of wolves watching them carefully. They also see the body of a white rabbit in the clearing.

They waste no no time opening up at range and Furon makes the first kill of the day. The second wolf runs into combat with Siron everyone swings at it Flint finishes it off.

They then enter an archway in the canyon on the South side, there is a chill in the air and they “have a bad feeling about this”. From the next room they see red eyes looking back at them. Six Skeletons. They manage to pin the skeletons in a 10’ wide warrior so thus limiting the number of them in combat.

During the battle Marcus is reduced to 0hp and falls unconscious whilst the others battle the remaining Skeletons. After dispatching all of them Siron cures light wounds on Marcus bringing him around. Nfiy is in the room they were in but the light does not seem to penetrate and Siron has an overwhelming sense of evil. They steal a couple of short swords from the bones.

They find one more room in this complex, which has profane writing in it and a stone Cenotaph. Canny uses his architecture skill and sees some sort of unusual secret drawer in the bottom. Marcus forces the drawer with a crowbar borrowed from Flint. There is a blue flash of light and Marcus takes 1 point of damage and his strength is reduced permanently by 1.

They return to the canyon and spot cave up in the South wall, as they approach they can hear something snoring inside. Marcus tries to sneak in but fails and as he enters he sees a Black bear asleep.

They recall this Bear is known as “Coal” The great bear has become a mascot and a sign of good fortune for adventurers. Veteran delvers of Stonehell sometimes leave gifts of food, full wineskins, or even old equipment as tribute to Coal in the belief that such tokens result in good luck during their dungeon expeditions.

They leave the bear well alone and return to the canyon. They see a slightly better conditioned building. Within it they see a Statue. The statue depicts an armoured human male. He is kneeling on one knee, head bowed, with a helmet on the ground beside him.

They enter an opening on the North side of the canyon. Within it they find a small storage room. There is a heavy scent of rot and mildew; rotten crates, barrels, cloth & leather; slimy floor. They deem it unsafe to enter the room as they think there might be something in there that absorbs metal. They continue to explore and find what looks like a discarded camp and in the debris find one piece of Flame Chalk. In another room they find a Fire Beetle feeding on a goat’s body. They decide to surprise it but all rounds miss. They win initiative. Siron strikes with his mace and kills it in a single blow. They harvest the glow from the Beetle (which last for five days).

They return to the canyon and see another cave higher up. On entering the cave is empty but appears to be the lair of some sort of large cat. They find a male body in Chain Armour who has recently been killed. They steal it’s armour, a longsword and 3sp. They find some storage shelves which are now empty.

They then explore the West end of the canyon and find:

The party decide to camp for the night in the building with the Statue. They drag a couple of doors from the Gate to help barricade themselves in and Siron decides to pray to the statue.

Total XP earned this session: 1,105 (157 each)