02 The Story of the Raccoon hat

This sessions adventurers:

The adventurers were joined by a Magician Merlin who camped out with them. After Siron prayed all night to the statue Edward powers altered and he went from being able to use Magic Spells to having the traits of a Cleric, divine intervention indeed.

About 6am in the morning they heard the sound of voices in the canyon outside and they watched as 4 ruffians walked across the canyon and disappeared into a small wood the otherside of the waterfall. They did not return.

Flint and Siron stayed at their base of operations whilst the other adventurers set out to explore the pool that was steaming in the chill autumn morning. Merlin noticed that the pool seemed to be warm and when he put his hand in it it was very warm to the touch. As he looked into the deep pool he swore for a second he saw something glimmer in the bottom. Marcus got a length of rope out and dropped it into the pool establishing it was 30’ deep. Edward used his fishing line and tried to hook the glimmering object but his hook became caught on it and he was worried it would snap if he pulled too hard. Merlin dived into the pool and swam down. He discovered the hook was stuck on a hard crystal dome set into the floor. It could not be moved and the cooling water seemed to drain into it. Merlin unhooked the fishing line and returned to the surface.

They decided to ascend the side of the canyon to see the source of the waterfall and as they neared the top they could see a steady flow of water from a misty cave mouth. As they entered the cave they could see a pool, Merlin stuck his staff in it and when he pulled it out the wood, it was hot to the touch, the pool was scalding hot. In the middle of the pool stood a 1’ high pedestal with a brass hemisphere with hot water flowing out of it. Canny said it appeared to be some sort of filtration system that sucked hot water from beneath the surface, before cooling it down and returning the cooler water back underground.

They walked back into the canyon and decided to see where the ruffians disappeared to in the early hours of the morning. Behind the copse of trees they found an entrance into the hill side. The place looked as if it had appeared abandoned but there were tracks inside. As they entered the second room they saw a rabid racoon foaming at the mouth in the far corner. Furon drew his bow and with a single shot hit it between it’s eyes killing it instantly. Marcus later skinned the raccoon and though he would later make it into a distinctive hat.

They continued their Journey into the complex and entered a room with sagging ceiling, as they walked through the rouble Merlin disturbed a spitting cobra which attacked and injured him, but he managed to stave off the poison. The party quickly surrounded it and killed it. They continued on their way and found an ancient throne room with a stone throne, long since abandoned. In front of the throne was an open pit with rusted spikes. They searched the room and found a secret door which led to a large room with a very big stone table after some examination they found a hollow leg at it’s rear and after failing to open with their skills smashed it open finding a pouch of silver, a heal serious wounds potion and some sort of brass ring that Merlin established was a teleportation ring, but he could not work out how to use it.

They then heard voices outside their room, they had been found and the persons outside were going to wait for them to come out. After a brief stalemate the party attacked, quickly killing two ruffians, hoping the third would surrender, but he went into a battle frenzy after seeing his “brothers” killed, and was dispatched without mercy.

On further exploration of the complex, they found a couple of rooms were the ruffians were sleeping and the final room had a nice new door, as Marcus opened it a sand filled sack swung down but he managed to side-step it. Although the room was empty Marcus recovered the sack which was ideal to carry back his raccoon carcass!

They returned to the canyon and Canny and Merlin walked into the woods, as soon as Canny entered he disappeared from view and looked like a new tree, but he could see the rest of the party. The same happened to Merlin. They decided this shit was too much and quickly left the wood, as it un-nerved them, but not before Merlin saw a small camp recently used within the wood.

They decided to check the last building out before they settled down for a rest, Merlin decided to start prodding around with his staff and found some slightly looser soil, he dug down and found an old chest. As the party sat around counting the loot they found it contained 1,000 silver pieces. They decided they would return to Brignorth and spend some time re-quipping and healing the injured party. Marcus had a nice Raccoon hat made which he now wears with pride.(Mind you some swear it looks like a badger).

On Saintsday 06, Fruit (three days later) they returned to the canyon, they decided to clear the last of the caves on the southern wall before attempting to explore the great stone arch at the end of the canyon.

As they entered the first cave a crab spider dropped beside Furon surprising him and bit him, he fell unconscious but his body resisted the poison. The party surrounded the creature and dispatched it. Merlin gave Furon the healing potion he had found and revived him. Further exploration of the caves revealed a green crystallised substance on the walls which Canny reckoned may be worth taking back sample to Brignorth as it may be worth something, but they decided to note it as it would encumber them. As they explored the last cave Furon was again surprised, this time by a centipede that bit him, again numbers for the party quickly dispatched the creature.

As they exited the cave they saw a lone wolf walking towards the last cave, Furon killed it at range with a single shot. On examining it’s lair they found earlier in the season the wolves had some cubs, who had long since left the den.

They decided as the day was getting late they were going to try and set fire to the enchanted wood. Furon fired a single flaming arrow into the wood. Another arrow was fired from within the wood back at him missing. Undetered Furon fired another flaming arrow into the wood, this time 4 arrows were shot back at him, one of them hitting an injuring him severely. Edward had to cast Cure Light wounds on him. The party charged into the woods and a fight ensued with 4 brigands. When there were two still left fighting Merlin cast sleep on them and the party slew the remaining two.

As they day was drawing to a close they decided to settle down for the night returning tho their camp with Flint and Siron who had been guarding it.

XP earnt: 2,237 (372 each)