03 Bartering for bat excrement

This sessions adventurers

Moonday 07 Fruit

Fresh from a nights sleep our intrepid adventurers headed over to the entrance of Stonehell, a 15’ high stone archway with a stone plaque rhyme to the prison.

Beware All Who Enter
These Benighted Halls of Stone.
Within Lies No Solace
Nor Any Comforts of Home.
Toiling For Our Crimes
We Must Dig Where We Dwell,
With No Freedom or Mercy
In Our Vast Stony Hell.

A large stone spiral staircase led down 100 feet into the inky blackness, a cold chill filled the air. They entered 40’ square foyer with exits to the NW, SW, NE, E and SE. The NW passage way had an Orgre’s mouth for the archway and they decided to take this path.

After a short journey to a crossroads they saw a rusted metal signpost pointing left into some caves marked “Da Dragon’s Den” . Obviously aware they were week first level adventurers they went in pursuit of fame and fortune hunting the dragon.

As they entered the caves, they were aware of a strong smell of ammonia and the chittering of bats in the roof the of the cave. They then noticed 7 Kobolds collecting bat excrement

Marcus speaks to the Kobolds they ask him “Do you want some shit, there’s plenty of shit down here”, they are also warned “don’t disturb the dragons, they eat you all, but if you carry shit, they might leave you alone”. Marcus buys a portion of bat-shit for each member, as a gift. The party want to know what the Kobolds do with the bat shit “we collect it” they say! The Kobolds live in the dungeon and try to keep it clean. They warn the party to steer clear of the old Inmates who like to eat “long pigs” (humans).

The party ask where are the goblins, showing them a picture. “We are not Goblins” says the Kobolds. Merlin keeps asking questions in Common but the Kobolds do not understand. Marcus tells then he is very wise but does not speak Kobold, they are surprised “he is wise”, Marcus says just nod your head and all 7 Kobolds look at Merlin and nod their heads in unison.

They do find out there are Goblins at the gatehouse, but they must have missed them. They carry on, bidding farewell to the Kobolds.

Furon noticed a dry well with a whistling breeze. Merlin was intrigued and threw a copper piece into the well. A couple of seconds later he heard a clink as it hit the bottom, he had to investigate. Marcus and the others tied together 150’ of rope and slowly lowered Merlin into the well. About 60’ down he saw the bottom of the well, but it was not earthen more like the skin of a creature, as he lowered and put his foot on it, it was soft and fleshy he quickly yanked the rope, and got hauled back up (but not before grabbing a couple of copper pieces, he was in profit).

They continued into the cave and found an exit with an eerily glowing moss on the walls that they knew to be Gloomium (an ever corrupting natural substance that corrupts the Midderlands). They returned back into the caves, avoiding the Gloomium, but determined to find the Dragon.

In the last cave they found a pile of bone and filth and were charged by a 5’ long lizard, unhappy at having his den invaded. After a short fight Marcus was knocked out and Merlin cast a sleep spell on the “dragon”, and Siron used his cure light wounds on Marcus. An hour and a half down the dungeon and the party had used all it’s spells. But all was not lost as they found a number of copper pieces and a very nice looking circlet (tiara).

The party decided to head back towards the crossroads, to leave but decided to have a quick look to the East before leaving, they found a refuse room with broken tools and discarded food on the floor. Always on the lookout for gear and supplies they picked through the mounds only to disturb some Spitting Cobras, who were quickly dispatched. Marcus kept the carcasses figuring a snake skin belt would be a good addition to his raccoon hat.

In the last room before leaving they found some sooty silhouettes on the wall wit memorial transcriptions, below each image. Marcus rubbed off Dodys image and was disappointed when nothing happened.

They trekked back to the surface in search of the Goblins at the gatehouse. They travelled to the Northern entrance on the west wall. The first room they found was empty with debris on the floor. They tried to open the second door bit failed to do so on the first attempt making alot of noise and alerting the creatures inside. Flint tried again and as the door swung open a Goblin attacked him, the party barged into the room and a massed battle ensued. Merlin managed to capture one of the goblins in his mancatcher, the last remaining goblin surrendered as he saw his other 3 colleagues killed.

Merlin asks where are the other goblins. “Go and you shall find out”, Merlin threatens to put him to sleep, the goblin replies “at least if you put me to sleep I won’t have to listen to you drivelling on”.

Marcus acquired a copper ring from the nose of one of the goblins, that would make a nice buckle for his snake skin belt he was to have made for him. They try to get one of the goblins to open the trap door at the top of the ladder, he refuses, they prod him with a sword but unfortunately it is enough to kill him, they were a bit to rough with him.

The last Goblin ascended a steel ladder to the first floor opening a large room with an old ashen fire-pit and chopped up furniture. They got the goblin to open the door to the next room and heard the buzzing of wasps. A large wasp nest sat over a barrel with a leather satchel on top of it. Flint shot it with his arrow, which knocked off the satchel and the wasps swarmed out. Merlin shut the door, trapping the goblin and his cries could be heard as the wasps attacked him and killed him.

Siron lit a fire in the ashen fire-pit and eventually they opened the door again to see the wasps had returned to their nest. Merlin slowly crept in and hooked the satchel with his mancatcher and as he did so the wasps swarmed out, he ran to the door getting a few stings but otherwise he was good. In the satchel was some rusty, but usuable carpentry tools.

Total XP earned 2,237 (372 each)