04 Dem Bones Dem Bones

The session adventurers:

Moonday 07 Fruit

Following on from last session, the adventurers decided to explore the other side of the Gatehouse. They slowly entered discovering an empty supply room and a spiral staircase leading up. Thinking it prudent to to make sure behind them is clear they secure the ground floor.

The first room they enter they see the apparitions of 5 persons around a campfire, the floor is littered with bones and abandoned adventuring equipment. They toy with the idea of entering the room as the apparitions seem to be talking to each other but the adventurer’s can’t hear anything. They notice a number of piles of bones on the floor equal to the number of apparitions. They decide to close the door and and walk away.

The last room checked reveals a single splintered chair, convince there was something else in the room Siron and Merlin search the room as the others climb the stairs.

They then slowly creep up the stairs with Furon in the lead as they entered a dusty room covered in cobwebs. He hears some noise from the rafters above, as he looks up he sees a bird with a large proboscis. It drops to the floor, and Furon looses an arrow at it and misses wildly, then another bird drops from the ceiling. Next round Furon wins initiative and strikes one of the birds with an arrow as it lets out a squalk, a third bird drops from the ceiling. Nfiy walks over to the injured bird, swinging his sword at it taking it’s head clean off. The birds move at a fast speed towards the adventurers and it’s proboscis is trying to latch onto the Nfiy and starts sucking his blood. Edward fires a stone at the same bird badly injuring it. Nfiy manages to kill it before it sucks any more blood from him.

As Furon backs away from the last bird he feels a lump in a garment behind him, but is more concerned with the threat in front of him. The party surrounds the bird and finally Merlin slays it. Furon gingerly checks the garment and discovers 10sp and a green gem (50sp).

They explore the rest of the gatehouse and find the murder holes above the entrance. Edward climbs onto the roof and sees a small group of Goblins fleeing from the gatehouse back to the dungeon. The party decides to pursue them back to Stonehell.

They return down the stairs to the grand hall and in best traditions of the adventuring they split the party. Nfiy and Furon head south whilst the others head North. Merlin, Edward and Siron discover a charred room. As Furon walks down the corridor he steps on a hidden pit falling 6 feet and injuring himself. The remainder of the party hearing his cries as he falls go to his rescue and with a rope they pull him out. They decide maybe it’s prudent to stay together, they explore another room a disused kitchen. Merlin decides to try the sink pump and as he does so green slime oozes out of the tap. He flees the room shutting the door, when he tells the others they are less than impressed he has left some slime to wander the dungeon. They decide to go back and as they open the door and see the slime slowly creeping towards them. Siron throws an oil lamp at it and Merlin throws a lighted torch onto is that sets it on fire and starts sizzling and spitting, they close the door. They leave it a few seconds and when they open the door the slime is destroyed.

They head off in a different direction and enter a room with skeletal remains on the floor. Shortly after entering the room a voice booms out “Fools! Flee before your bones rest here evermore!” The way ahead is blocked by a rusted Portcullis. As a group they together pull the portcullis up so they can proceed.

They find a dry fountain with a leaping fish, but nothing appears untoward. They carry on and find a large crypt with 9 doors. They open the first door, it an empty crypt, with alcoves for bodies. Edward opens the next crypt and is met with some Giant rats. He swings his torch at them and toasts two of the rats. The other rats stream past him and attack Merlin and Furon. Furon gets bitten and fails his Saving Throw so is infected by the Rat. After finishing off the rats they find 300 cp.

They move onto the next crypt and Merlin opens the door and skeletons surge forward, Merlin grabs one with his Mancatcher and as he gets it around the neck, the head comes off and the body pushes him back into the corridor. A frantic battle ensues in the corridor as the party desperately combat the Skeletons. Having dispatched them they find another 100 cp in the room.

Furon opens the 4th door, and again this crypt to search it. They find a ruby necklace (100 sp) in the crypt. They then decide to open the 5th door, Six Giant rats spew out of the room. Merlin locks himself in a room as he is low on health as the others deal with the rats. Merlin comes out of the crypt at the end of the fight to help and manages to kill the penultimate rat.

Finally the last rat is dispatched. As the party are in a sorry state they decide to hunker down for the night, to recover.

Towerday 08 Fruit

During the night they can hear other creatures creeping around the dungeon. At one point something tries to enter the crypt but the doors and spikes hold the doors.

Total XP earned : 2,370 (331 each)