05 Halt Who Goes There

This sessions adventurers

Towerday 8 Fruit

Out intrepid adventurers resume their exploration of the crypts. The first crypt opened contained two undead, zombies perhaps. After quickly dispatching them they discovered a scroll and some fine jewellery.

The next crypt was empty, then in the last crypt 3 skeletons but they soon turned them back lifeless. Finally they opened the end room finding a bone altar at the end with a skull set into the wall. Within the altar they saw a small coffer, Siron decided to smash it with his mace and as he did so (passing a save vs Spells roll), the coffer spilt over containing thousands of silver pieces.

As they were scooping up their ill gotten gains they heard another party at the entrance to the crypts. After a brief exchange with Edward the two parties agreed to pass each other with weapons holstered. As our adventurers left another party enter the crypts.

Slowly the party dragged the coffer back to the staircase, where they had a brief fight with a band of orcs. Then it was back to town to level up, buy some new kit and invest some of their money.

Edward made two scrolls: Cure Light Wounds and Bless

They took the scroll found and paid to have it read: a Knock Scroll, They bought a small cart that the dogs could pull around to carry some of their ill-gotten gears.

Marcus had his snakeskins made into a nice belt to go with his Racoon hat.

Marcus, Siron, Furon, Edward and Flint levelled up


Total XP: 10,720 (2,144 each)