06 Form A Circle With The Cart

This sessions adventurers

Saintsday 27 Fruit

The party recruited three Hirelings Waverley (3hp, AC16, axe and chainmail), Minerva a Torchbearer (AC14, 4hp, leather armour and a club). merrick (5hp, AC14, leather armour, sword)

The adventurers re-entered the dungeon and as they left off the route from last time. They had purchased a mini-kart that the two war dogs towed. they were met with a patrol of 4 Orcs. They fought a retreat into the wheeled room but dispatched all of the orcs in quick time.

Once in the room they were met with a large wheel on the floor which had happy and sad faces, Merlin span the wheel which landed on a sad face and he was paralysed to the spot.Furon then nudged his staff which moved the wheel and again it ended on a sad face and he was turned into a goat. The magic was strong but after a saving throw each they managed to overcome the spell. Merlin decided to one last spine of the wheel and got a smiley face which gave him some temporary luck.

They returned to their exploration and entered a room with rubble in, there was a smell of excrement and they disturbed 3 Giant Centipedes in the rubble, they avoided the poison and finished them off. Heading south they found a Lizard statue with a large pot of silver in front of it. As they looked up they could see it was insecure.

A party of Kobolds approached, they recognised them from before. They asked if they had just killed an Orc patrol and when the adventurers said they hadm they became helpful. They warned them the statue was trapped and if they took the silver the roof would come down. They also pointed them to some clean water in the southern room.

The party pays them for information of the local area, the Kobolds warn them of a pit-trap in the northern corridor. As the Kobolds lead them to the pit a Skeleton horde approached from the South as they fought and retreated someone shouted “Form a Circle with the Cart”. They crossed around the trap but the dogs and cart were pushed into the trap and destroyed.

After destroying the skeletons they headed north led by the Kobolds. They found a room with with big heads 10’ high on the walls and the next room was 10 Kobolds, the walls had faces with open mouths. They showed them a Dart Trap and told them how to miss it.

They continued their journey and found a room with rotting cadavers and giant rats. They killed the rats and left the room unexplored.

They were then jumped by a Giant Spider, they avoided it’s poison and then found a room with a crystal head and a smoking mouth. Finally they found an abandoned dormitory with 3 fire beetles in it.

Total XP: 2,200 (440 1st Level / 235 2nd Level) each