07 Creeping Around the Crypts

This sessions adventurers

Moonday 28 Fruit

Leaving the dormitory the party travelled down the corridor turning left and entered a haunted room littered with bones, rusted weapons and a cool breeze. A couple of the party were startled by a ghostly apparition.

Furon and Nfiy were unphased and continued onward and were met with a large stone door engraved with images of a dance macabre. Beyond the found a grand entrance hall with several fire beetles. They quickly shut the doors and went to retrieve their companions. Shortly later they returned with a full party and fought and destroyed eight Fire Beetles.

Exploring further they found an old morgue with rotten shelves and ancient names written on the walls. Continuing they found a hidden compartment behind a wall where it appeared something had broken out from a cavity. There was no sign of it now, fortunately but down the corridor they found a room with facial masks hanging on the walls.

Returning to the great hall they took another path they came across a number of crypts, Merlin is elected to open the first door, they were aware there was moaning coming from behind it. As the door opens 3 zombies and 8 skeletons spill out. The players use the door as a choke point. After a hard fought battle and a few uses of cure light wounds they were defeated, and find a paltry 40cp in the room.

They then decide to open the next crypt, another undead exits the room. It is quickly dispatched and searching the crypt they find a piece of jewellery worthy 40sp.

They then crack upen another crypt and a similar creature attacks Siron, it attacks him 3 times but misses, but Merlin shoots it with his bow , 400sp line the crypt.

On the third crypt, when they open the door there are 7 skeletons standing around the edges, swaying from side to side. Merlin steps forward with his bow and hits one. They remain swaying side to side. Furon steps forward to fire his bow and Edward uses a sling and as they do this they hear a loud smashing sound behind them.

From down the corridor they see a swarm of 8 rats pouring towards them. Both Merrick and Minerva die in the melee as they rats swarm all around them.

Total XP: 4,681 (524 1st Level / 434 2nd Level) each